RedflyRedfly is not a computer, although it resembles any modern mini notebook. In fact, you can use it as one, but with a twist: it’s just a bigger screen, battery and keyboard… for your Windows Phone or BlackBerry!

So, what’s the big advantage? Well, think about it: no OS, no programs to buy,  install and update. No parts like hard-drives or motherboards to get damaged or obsolete. Almost totally maintenance free! You use your smartphone’s OS and programs, with the advantage of a bigger screen (7 or 8"), really expanding the viewing area, not just making everything bigger (view the picture), and a bigger keyboard, with touch-pad.


It’s possible to connect with a USB cable, and also charge the phone’s battery, or through a Bluetooth connection, without the wires hassle. And it’s instant on, no boot time wait.


And the story continues: Redfly has two USB ports, which can be used to connect a mouse, memory pen or hard-drive, or even a USB printer, to print directly from your phone. And it also has a VGA-out port, so a bigger screen or even a projector can be used. Imagine, giving a presentation in full-fledged big screen from your phone.

For more on Redfly, visit the Celio website.