Opera Mobile


Today Opera announced the final versions of Mobile 10 and Mini 5.
The Opera Mobile is a powerful browser available for the S60 Symbian and Windows Mobile.
The Mini now released is not one, but two: a JAVA version, as the previous versions, suitable to any phone with a JAVA Virtual Machine, and the native BlackBerry version. It’s also possible to download the beta versions for native Windows Mobile and Android.

The Opera browsers bring us several important features, which are very handy in a mobile use:


  • Opera Turbo: the URL typed by the user is sent to a server, that fetches the page, reformats it for the phone screen, compressed it, and sends it to the phone. That compression can go up to 90%, so reducing significantly the data usage. Opera Mini always use this servers, while the Mobile version can have Turbo enabled or not.
  • Multi-tabs, providing a better surfing experience, PC like.
  • Speed Dial: 9 visual icons for the preferred sites, on opening screen.
  • URL auto-completation.
  • Text wrapping, to reduce horizontal scroll and making for a easier reading.
  • Opera Link, an online backup and synchronize service for bookmarks, Speed Dial and search engines. It allows you to have the same set on every device you use: phone, personal laptop, office desktop, etc.

And the list goes on…
Personally, Opera Mini has been my favorite web browser, since version 2. I Strongly recommend it.


To download visit m.opera.com with your phone’s default web browser.


More info on Opera website.