Petsafe Dog Training Collar - Deluxe 314

Have you ever taken your dog somewhere only to be totally embarrassed, when one word from you and the dog does what it wants?  Well I’ve got one of those dogs, but it’s all about to change.  My little dog doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to undergo some training, and I will be using the highly professional services of Petsafe.

Their consultant and trainer is being flown to me from over east and is called, you guessed it, the Petsafe Dog Training Collar Remote Trainer.  I mean what can my dog say, she is getting the Deluxe model courtesy of

We will see just how effective they are in retraining my little girl not to jump up at guests’ cars to welcome them and also to prevent her barking in the car soon as we leave her for a short period.  I will have to be strong for this as I’m feeling a bit squeemish already.

Maybe I can get the wife to do the training of the little Bichon Frise.

This will be a real test of product on low sensitivity training.  The boys at Dogmaster advise me the training deterrent is scaled with a super low 1, gradually increasing to 10 and even 10 is still a mild tingle only. 

Anyhow, stick around for the test, as I’ve been reassured that it won’t hurt her at all, but I tell you, one upset squawk from either of us and we will both be out of there. Footnote: We survived see reviewed.