Pioneer's CDJ900NXS brings new performance features to its slightly less pricey DJ deck

If your raison d’être is eat, sleep, rave, repeat, then you might want to cop a look at Pioneer’s new CDJ900NXS. Much like the CDJ2000nexus was to its predecessor, the new deck is just a CDJ900 after a tickle with the feature brush, rather than a full overhaul. No bad thing though, as the original ‘900 is a great player, and the one that introduced the coveted “Slip Mode” into Pioneer’s CDJ line. So what’s new this time? Like the revamped 2000, you can browse media with artwork, or custom views. Auto Beat Loop is sent to pasture in lieu of a new Beat Divide function and there’s a new Slip Loop feature — plus four-deck Beat Sync and the Quantize button we first saw on the CDJ2000NXS. The CDJ900NXS also gets an improved screen, and is WiFi compatible — to add to the already long list of ways to send media to it (USB, Ethernet, CD etc.). If the new features light up your LEDs, then expect to pay £1,149/1,399€ a piece when it launches next month. In the meantime, there’s a pair of demo videos past the break to whet your appetite.

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