I just watched the latest episode of Beyond Tomorrow, the Australian technology show, which featured the Rotasole. This innovative sport shoe will be able to massively reduce the number of sports injuries from twisting and turning one’s feet in sports like basketball or tennis. The secret of the Rotasole is in the rotating disk in the middle of the sole which turns as you turn. This can minimise the stress on your ankle by some 30%. The Rotasole is already available.


The Rotasole has been in development for about 15 years by a father and son team here in Australia. They have already been given the best Victorian exportable technology award and the Rotasole has created a huge interest not just here in Australia but also worldwide. Dr Jack Goldberg, the GP, who developed the shoe with his son Brian, which just happens to be a trademark attorney, said that sports like basketball and netball generate huge amounts of knee injuries. Normal shoes are made for straight line running, but for the intense twisting and turning in fast paced sports. This particular innovation may not have much to do with the digital lifestyle and gadgets that we normally write about but I know a good invention when I see one. And when it is made in our own backyard it makes me feel like I can now not only cheer on the Aussie teams but also their footwear…:)