Tineco ticks a lot of boxes for the DRN editors. They have further solidifies their leadership in hard floor cleaning with their latest launch – the all-new Tineco FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME, a versatile 3-in-1 smart floor washer, combining mopping and vacuuming with self-cleaning features to deliver an impeccable cleaning experience for both wet and dry messes.

Making cleaning easier than ever, FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME is designed for enhanced suction power and mopping capabilities to pick up wet and dry messes. Equipped with Continuous Fresh Water Flow System, Animated LCD screen, Self-cleaning feature, Eco-friendly Ultra mode and Dual-sided Edge cleaning, FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME delivers spotless floors with effortless convenience.

Tineco’s new vacuum is perfect for tackling tough messes and can be used for various hard floor surfaces, including hardwood, tile, vinyl, and linoleum. The appliance’s intelligent design and patented iLoop Smart Sensor technology, automatically adjust suction, roller speed and water flow based on dirt levels, leaving the floors dry within minutes and streak-free.

Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme


Key features of the FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME

3-in-1 Functionality

FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME seamlessly combines the power of a mop, vacuum, and self-cleaning smart floor washer in one innovative device, providing users with unmatched versatility and a fast way to clean the hard floors.


Continuous Fresh Water

Brush roller exchanges dirty water for fresh water over 400 times a minute leaving users with cleaner, shinier floors.

Intelligent iLoop Smart Sensor Technology

Equipped with patented iLoop Smart Sensor technology, the FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME automatically detects and adjusts the cleaning process including suction, roller speed, and fresh water flow based on dirt levels, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning. This not only makes cleaning easier but also extends battery life compared to manually adjusted power settings.

Self-Cleaning System for easy maintenance

Built-in self-cleaning technology automatically washes and cleans out the inner tubing and brush roller ensuring a consistently hygienic hands-free cleaning experience and one less task on users to-do list!

Convenient Cleaning Modes

The eco-friendly Ultra Mode transforms water into a deep cleaning, all-natural solution safe for the floors and kills 99% of germs in under 30 seconds, making it the perfect choice for families with children and pets. And if users want cleaning without water, FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME features Suction Only Mode that will help clean without using water. For messes that don’t require additional water, suction-mode offers suction without the water and it’s ideal for quick water spills or small debris pick up.

Cleaning Status at your fingertips

An animated LCD provides real-time updates and keeps users informed every step of the way including cleaning status, battery life, maintenance reminders, and cleaning tips. It also tells users when the floors are completely clean with the display turning from red to blue when the floors are spotless. Users can now focus on enjoying their clean home while staying informed every step of the way.

Dual-sided Edge Cleaning

FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME ensures every inch of the floor is cleaned. The uniquely designed brush head offers edge to edge cleaning for even more coverage and leave no gaps when cleaning along hard-to-reach baseboards and corners. Thus, reducing the time spent refreshing the floors.

In-pack accessories

Three Microfiber Brush Rollers, Two Dry Filters, One bottle of Tineco cleaning solution and a Charging Dock

Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme

Pricing and Availability

Now available at JB Hi-Fi and coming soon at other Australian retailers, the FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME has an RRP of A$999.