First introduced this time last year at CES 2023, the Nanoleaf Skylight is now finally available for pre-order.

The Nanoleaf Skylight Modular Ceiling Light Panels is the first of its kind ceiling fixture offering full design customisations. Skylight breaks away from traditional ceiling light solutions and uniquely blends functional everyday lighting with creativity and personal expression, highlighting Nanoleaf’s continued commitment to fusing elevated design with technology and to always rethink what’s possible.

Nanoleaf Skylight Bedroom

Paint an Expansive Open-Air Sky in Your Home

Nanoleaf Skylight revolutionises smart ceiling fixtures by creating the beauty of an open-air “sky”  experience for your living and working spaces. With remote work as the new norm for many, we’re  spending more time in our homes than ever before, which can have negative impacts on our mood  and energy levels—with Skylight, create more optimal spaces that are bright (1400 lumens per panel)  and evenly illuminated with crisp whites (2700-6500K colour temperature range) and 16M+ vibrant  colours, transforming homes to feel more open and refreshed.

Skylight features a flush-mounted modular square design with diffused multi-point lighting, creating a  soft and natural lighting experience that brings the beauty of nature inside. Seamlessly adjust colours  and Scenes like “Gentle Rain” or “Sun Shower” to set the ideal ambience for morning to evening  routines in the bedroom or focus time in office spaces. With Schedules, wake up to a gentle sunrise  Scene filled with soft oranges and pinks to help energize you in the mornings, and ease yourself to  sleep as you lay under a glimmering star effect when winding down for the evening. As an added  security measure, users can remotely control Skylight or set the lights to automatically turn on and  off at desired times to keep your home safe while away.

Nanoleaf Skylight


Design Your Own Ceiling Fixture

Hard-wire one square, and then add up to 100 additional squares across your ceiling, with the  freedom to create your own designs using the modular set up. For the first time ever, users can  extend their ceiling fixture into hard to reach spaces that were previously impossible to illuminate.  Each square emits 1400 lumens of light with a lifespan of 25,000 hours.

Built with Nanoleaf’s full suite of smart features, Skylight includes the Rhythm Music Visualiser,  Schedules, Magic Scenes, RGBW colour options, and much more. Control Skylight with the Nanoleaf  App via Wi-Fi, with your preferred smart home ecosystem, or with your traditional lightswitch.

Nanoleaf Skylight is now available for pre-order at and retails for AUD$469.99/ NZD$519.99 for the Smarter Kit (3PK) and AUD$139.99/ NZD$159.99 for Expansion Packs (1PK) with shipping to commence in mid February 2024.