Ring introduces their new pro-tier security camera to their radar-powered lined-up, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro.


Introducing 3D Motion Detection to Spotlight Cam Pro

Ring believe radar sensors are the foundation of innovative motion-detection technology.

We live in a 3D world and with radar, we are able to measure the distance and angle of an object moving in front of the camera. You can set a very specific threshold of when you want your camera to start detecting motion, and once the threshold is crossed, the sensor triggers the recording and sends a motion alert to your mobile device.

By measuring motion detection three-dimensionally, alerts are more refined and more accurate. While it’ll be hard to ever completely eliminate false alerts, using radar sensors on devices like cameras and doorbells takes a significant step forward in improving notifications. And because of 3D Motion Detection, radar also helps power features like Bird’s Eye View, which provides an aerial map of movement across your property.

Imagine wanting to see how the delivery person approached the front door, or the route the water repair technician took from the side of the house to the front door. With radar, you can see the exact path that was taken.

With Bird’s Eye View, we really want to give you the full picture of a motion event. So, while the radar sensors are triggering more specific alerts, sometimes you want more information. Regardless of whether you’re watching a motion event in Live View or in your Event History (with a Ring Protect plan),
you will see a picture-in-picture layout that shows both the movement path and grey dots that light up, indicating where the motion event started before the radar sensors triggered recording.

Like all of our features and products, we’ve designed this with privacy in mind. You can set 3D Motion Detection thresholds and customisable Motion Zones that trigger recordings, and Privacy Zones can exclude areas in the camera field of view from recording for added privacy.

Ring is excited to hear what customers think about Spotlight Cam Pro. But they are not just adding new cameras to our lineup, we’re also bringing new features and camera options to some of our other popular security cams.

Spotlight Cam Plus Battery Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-In Spotlight Cam Plus Solar


Spotlight Cam Plus: Smart security around your home

We’re also excited to announce the next generation Spotlight Cam. Spotlight Cam Plus introduces a new, sleek look, while still offering the features customers know and love, like Two-Way Talk, Colour Night Vision, Live View, and a security siren. It’s important that our customers have the best option for their home, which is why we are rolling this out with multiple power options—Solar, Battery and Plug-In.

Spotlight Cam Pro Battery - White BackgroundSpotlight Cam Pro Plug-InSpotlight Cam Pro Solar


Zoom in with Bird’s Eye Zones

We started by talking about radar as the foundation for the future of motion detection, and we’re continuing to build upon that with the recent introduction of Bird’s Eye Zones for Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and Floodlight Cam Wired Pro. With Bird’s Eye Zones, you can get even more specific, outlining precise polygonal areas of your home to customise your alerts even more. This feature lets you use the aerial map, similar to Bird’s Eye View, to set your specific motion-detection zones around your yard, lawn, or driveway.



These new cameras and features are packed with technology that will help you protect your property and take your home security to the next level. Today, you can pre-order Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Battery and Plug-In for $329 and Spotlight Cam Pro Solar for $359. You can also pre-order Spotlight Cam Plus starting at $289.