The Galeries, renowned for their commitment to the unique and contemporary, will present a fresh take on Christmas this year, launching the world’s first ‘NFTree.’

Cryptos have been making waves in the news regularly, with fortunes made and lost. NFTs, or Non-fungible Tokens, is I guess, the next wave?

What’s NFT in 50 words or less? It’s ownership of a unique piece of work. Say you own a Federick McCubbin, that’s yours. People can have print, but the original is yours. NFT is similar, but applied to a digital piece of work.

Clear as mud? Yep. With an original painting, a copy, replica, reproduction or print will have differences. Not to mention you would know when you are faking having the original. So how is a digital copy different from the original? It is not, but … bragging rights.

I am no expert on NFT, and I suggest you do your own research carefully before jumping into the crypto and NFT ponds, swamps, puddles …

A fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology, the NFTree takes the shape of a traditional Christmas tree and is constructed using screens to shine a light on one-of-a-kind NFT digital artworks created by eight emerging Australian creators.

The Galeries NFTree


“The Galeries has long supported the contemporary and with our world-first NFTree, our customers can once again look forward to enjoying a truly unique experience when they visit,” said Vicinity Centres’ Head of Marketing, Brand and Experience, Corrine Barchanowicz.

“The NFTree is not only spectacular to look at, but also supports and celebrates emerging Australian artists and creators, showcasing their work to audiences during the busiest shopping period of the year.”

From 16 November 2021 to 5 January, 2022 visitors have the opportunity to explore NFT: Illuminated and become NFT art collectors.

Soaring at over 5 metres the NFTree installation reflectively showcases eight digital artworks, highlighting the multifaceted angles of The Galeries. The contributing artists include both emerging and established creators such as global sensation Serwah Attafuah, who has worked with Paris Hilton and had pieces shown at international icons like the Sydney Opera House and Sotheby’s.

Her artwork ‘Oracles 2021’ is inspired by her surreal approach to digital dreamscapes and heavenly wastelands, populated by afro-futuristic abstractions of self with intense ancestral and contemporary scenes.

The NFTree is the latest art series at The Galeries, following its recent partnership with the City of Sydney to present the Artist in Residence program, helping revive local arts with the rebound of shopping centre visitation.

The Galeries NFTree


The full list of artists whose works make up The Galeries NFTree include:

Serwah Attafuah – @wrath_____

Aldous Massie – @aldousmassie

Bianca Beers – @biancabeers

David Porte Beckefeld – @davidportebeckefeld

James Jirat Patradoon – @jamesjirat

Jonathan Puc – @jonathanpuc

Lucius Ha – @bluugu

Rel Pham – @rel.pham

You can join the conversation at  #ItsAnArt #TheGaleriesNFTree @thegaleries