Looking to improve your PC or laptop sound output. Well, like a soundbar is to a TV, the BlueAnt Soundblade is to your PC.

And can I just say upfront … ‘soundblade’ what an awesome product name. It screams EDGY!

The packaging of the BlueAnt Soundblade is so very inviting, and exudes elegance and style. Even the font used for the word ‘soundblade’ printed on the box got me excited to set up the product and immerse myself in it!

Within the box you’ll find 3 cords – 1 x AUX cable, 1 x USB-C TO USB-C cable, and 1 x USB-C to USB-A cable, 1 x power cord, a remote, instructions, a set of 8 rubber feet, and the BlueAnt Soundblade itself.

In addition to the connectivity cables included in the box, the Soundblade can be connected to your device via Bluetooth. Simply look for BLUEANT SOUNDBLADE in your list of available devices and connect.

The gorgeous font and sleek packaging

Open the box to see more gorgeous presentation


The design of the Soundblade is sleek and minimal (60cm wide, 20cm deep and just a smidge over 5cm high). It has a gorgeous curved surface with rounded corners and is available in five colours – charcoal, white, blue, green and pink. Access to the cords is at the rear of the unit, helping to keep cord mess minimal. The power on and volume up/down symbols – because they’re not buttons – are located on the right hand side of the unit, on the curved edge. Just lightly touch the symbols for the function you want. Easy peasy.

You can alter the height of the Soundblade by switching out the short rubber feet already fitted on the base of the unit. The set of rubber feet included in the packaging are slightly taller than the ones already attached. Just pull out the short rubber feet, and insert the taller ones. It is simply a case of set and forget. However, if you intend on moving the Soundblade around you might find that the taller feet come out a bit too easily if they’re knocked. This is not a major problem though – just push the feet back in.

I tested this unit via Bluetooth with my laptop and mobile phone (using Spotify to listen to classical, pop and jazz music, Netflix for movies, and YouTube for anything and everything you find once you fall down that rabbit hole!). I connected to my son’s PC gaming set up (playing ‘Rocket League’) via the AUX cord.

3 ways to connect – USB, Bluetooth and AUX


The Soundblade has 3 built in equaliser settings – music, movie and game. You can very easily switch between these using the remote. To my ageing ears, the movie and music modes were quite similar in their audio output. Having said that, I have no problem with the sound. The tone or timbre of sound and voice through the Soundblade is of an excellent quality and well balanced. This is certainly helped by the location of the unit in a space the size of a home office or lounge room.

Laptop sitting on top of the BlueAnt Soundblade playing a track from Spotify.

When I took the Soundblade to school to use in my Performing Arts teaching space, the subtleties in the music seemed to lose some of their edge. This was not unexpected though as the Soundblade is purposely designed for use with a PC or laptop, and not really for use as a bluetooth speaker might be in a more open space. Having said that, I had no problem with the sound volume of the Soundblade in this larger than usual space.

I asked my son to test the Soundblade in game mode on this gaming setup. He enjoyed the bass and the amplified explosions & other assorted game noises delivered through the sub-woofer. You can locate the sub-woofer under the unit – just lift it up and you can’t miss it!


The Soundblade sitting under the PC gaming setup


Final thoughts

Sound delivered by the BlueAnt Soundblade is far better than from a laptop or PC alone. The only way I think you’d get a better sound would be to set up a surround sound system, but then you’d compromise desk space. It is super simple to set up and gorgeous to look at. Best of all, it delivers fantastic sound!

You can get your ears around one, and read up on the specs, by going to their website or via Telstra. You’ll invest $299 for one and the aural rewards will be worth every dollar!

With thanks to BlueAnt.