Bose, take a bow.

The Bose Sport Earbuds are an impressive addition to the kit of any discerning athlete. Whether you’re a runner, a walker or just out for a stroll, these earbuds tick all the boxes.

Superb sound combined with sleek design brings a whole new dimension to your workout.   Reliability, quality without compromise and comfort now coexist in an affordable audio experience.


You all know what I mean; those hard as nails earbuds or pods which feel like they’re going to be permanently affixed to your eardrum if you simply touch them.  There’s nothing worse than ear buds that hurt or bruise and finally, FINALLY, we have a solution.  Bose, I’m loving the Sport Earbuds.



If I close my eyes I feel like I’m standing in front of the stage of my favourite musician. With a patented acoustic port design and Bose’s premium, high efficiency drivers delivering their renowned sound, this acoustic package delivers the goods.

The Bose Sport Earbuds have the added benefit of volume-optimised Active EQ which boosts the highs and the lows so that everything you’re listening to is balanced and clear.



Bose have designed the Sports Earbuds to seal tightly with your ear canal.  This allows low notes to reverberate and create an optimal sound experience.  You’ll not only hear but feel your music as the true deep tones reverberate within you.

One huge bonus in my opinion is the provision of three sizes of StayHear Max tips. Not all ear canals are created equal and Bose have recognised the need to provide comfort and not just sound quality. The soft silicon and umbrella-shaped tip, plus wing, which fits into your ear create a secure and extremely comfortable listening experience.  Thank you Bose – my intertragal notch is happy again.


Whether you sweat, perspire or glow, Bose Sports Earbuds are rated IPX4 to protect internal electronics against splashing water in case of rain.  Let’s face it, we’ve copped a bit of rain lately so go forth and exercise without fear – Bose have your back once again.  Colour choices of Baltic Blue, Glacier White and Triple Black gives you the option to change up your style a little.  The test pair I received are Glacier White and I’m yet to mislay them – the colour way is bright but not too in your face.



A simply double tap on your right earbud plays/pauses music and answers calls. You can also choose what your left ear double tap can achieve through the app.  No zombies to be seen!



Name your earbuds, battery levels, control settings and many other options are available with this free app.  The clean interface and intuitive design is a pleasure to use.


Bose and Spotify (or should that be Sportify?) have teamed up to give your easy access to your tunes. It’s simple – open the App on your phone and set your shortcut to “Spotify”. Double tap your left earbud to go back and double tap again for a new playlist.  And you can keep going until you find your workout music of choice.



Bose state you’ll get five hours of battery life but I’ll be very honest – so far I’m up around the six hour mark with no issues.  The charging case has two full charges so in total you’ll get a very decent ten hours of listening pleasure without the need to plug in and recharge.

Forgotten to charge your Bose Sport earbuds?  Don’t panic – a quick 15 minute charge will give you a two hours of playback time!


Worried you’ll lose your pairing? Don’t. Bose will keep track of up to the last 7 devices with which you’ve paired.   Using either the Bluetooth button or your devices own Bluetooth menu, you can identify your preferred device with quick scroll.



In light of the above information, I took the Bose Sport Earbuds out on a lengthy walk. I may have even run for a while.  Comfort and ease of use are excellent. My ears were very happy.   I was able to toggle between music, take calls and backtrack as explained in the instructions.

Using the App was very straightforward. I had no issue with creating an account, logging in and setting up my preferences.  There were no crashes and, whilst Bose in the past has not had a reputation for the best software support for their products, I actually preferred this app over other earsets and earbuds I have at home. It is a minimalist interface and I really like it.  Updates are fast and there’s help on hand in App if required.


Did I mention the Bose Sport Earbuds don’t fall out?  Well, they don’t fall out unless you take them out.  They’re also so comfortable I slept in them. And they still didn’t fall out!  Honestly, how many ear buds or pods can you do that in?

Having rescued the Bose Sport Earbuds from my six month old Jack Russell puppy, I can also vouch for their sturdiness. And water resistance.




I have no hesitation recommending the Bose Sports Earbuds. In fact I would argue they are the best earbuds/pods I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. They’re a welcome addition to my workouts, providing optimum sound experience with no fear of dropping out of my ears mid run.  I suspect they’ll be a welcome addition to yours too. So what are you waiting for?

Head on over to Bose where their Price Match Promise, Free delivery on orders over $30.00 (and free returns), plus their 90-day Risk Free Trial allows you the freedom to trial and buy without fear.  At $299.00 the Bose Sport Earbuds provide a premium sound at a very reasonable price. Heads up at time of publishing, Amazon has some sweet discount going.

Christmas is just around the corner and you never know… there may be some specials if you sign up for the Bose newsletter.

I’d like to thank Bose for the opportunity to trial the Sports Earbuds. I love them. Lis is putting a DRN Pulse Award on this one!

DRN Pulse Award