Shokz OpenFit True Wireless Open Ear Earbuds provide excellent audio and call quality without compromising connectivity with the world around you.

When Kevin approached me regarding the Shokz OpenFit Open Ear True Wireless Open Ear Earbuds, I am pleased to say for once I was way ahead of the bell curve.

I currently own the Shokz OpenRun and the Shokz OpenSwim, so the temptation to try out this new earbud was too good to refuse.  I’m already a fan of Shokz due to the quality of products already in my grab bag of sporting needs – the OpenRun for something to give me sound but not disconnection from my environment, and the OpenSwim because it takes the boredom off swimming laps,  and easy set up and use. But that’s a review for another day.

I’m interested to see how Shokz have integrated their research into this new product, so let’s check it out.


Clean crisp packaging you can open without too much fuss, the OpenFit snugly sits amidst a couple of small brochures, a charge cord and of course, the charge case.

I really like the beige colour palette. The OpenFit also comes in black which is equally stylish.

The case hinges are sturdy and the USB-C port is equally so. The provided cord is not overly long, thank goodness, and will fit nicely on a bench, desk or even in your car for charging purposes.

The casing is well made with a similar soft touch exterior to the OpenFit. Nothing cheap and nasty here.


Doesn’t matter where you are, sometimes wearing surround sound audio buds or headsets is simply not sensible nor safe.  Walking in the city, wandering in the country or simply relaxing but not wanting to be cut off from humanity, the OpenFit open ear earbuds give you the best of both worlds.



The OpenFit Earbuds fit perfectly around your ear, allowing you to still engage with your surroundings.

The dual-layered liquid silicone cushioned core is soft to touch and prevents those pesky comfort issues we’ve all experienced with in ear listening devices.

The OpenFit cannot drop off because it hugs the natural curves and sits perfectly and comfortably around your ears.

The Shokz designers call this design a dolphin arc ear hook and it is certainly sleek and supple like the aforementioned mammal. Add the 0.7mm ultra-fine flexible memory wire and you have gently sculpt a natural fit for your specific ear shape.

If you wear glasses like I do, don’t worry, the  easily accommodates glasses too.

This design is also aimed at reducing the build up in ear pressure which is quite noticeable when you wear in ear headphones. You know exactly what I mean, that feeling like you’ve descended in altitude and almost have to equalise your ears on removing snug in ear alternatives.



Shokz  have nailed the sound with OpenFit earbuds, giving you a quality listening experience evidenced by the rich bass and crisp, clear audio for your book or podcast audio choices. The Shokz DirectPitch immersive technology enriches your audio experience, with additional customisable settings accessible through the Shokz App.



Now you see them, now you don’t.

At just 8.3grams, the light and balanced design is compact enough to hide under your hair, hat, helmet or beanie. As I said earlier, you will simply forget you’re wearing them as I did.  So be careful taking off your jumper lest you find yourself attempting to outpace a Jack Russell as your OpenFit earbuds skid across the floor…

Good news, we’ve ascertained they’re so far dog proof too.  *gives Klepto Millie the Jack Russell a warning glare!



If you’ve not utilised this specific sound previously, there is no inserting of foreign objects into your ear canal.


And for the record, it is much healthier for your ears too. Ye olde fashioned internal ear buds can lead to a range of health problems, from impacted ear wax to blockages, loss of situational awareness and infections from pesky bacteria. Eww, brother, ewwwww. What’s that brother?!

Now I’ve grossed you out, let’s have a quick lesson in how it all works.

So not only are you looking after your hearing, you’re also practicing mindfulness by looking after everyone else’s too. Love thy neighbour!



Now you understand the science, let’s road test the OpenFit.

Putting on the OpenFit is simply a matter of firstly what goes where. The OpenFit helps you hear with small L and R markings on the ear bud. Work that out and you’re good to go.

Thank you Shokz for using common sense to achieve the right combination of button placement and complications.  The button interface is simple but effective. There’s three buttons on the right and one on the left ear bud.  Tap according to your programming to pick up/end calls, change music or increase/decrease volume. Customisable in the app as discussed previously, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your needs by simply changing the settings in app. Voila!

Sound quality on calls or audio is excellent and vocal tones are clear and audible.

Comfort is so good you will honestly forget you’re wearing them. Light, with no tight or sharp corners, and the added bonus of no uncomfortable in ear parts (you know what I mean),  the OpenFit earbuds will seamlessly become a part of your every day. Work, exercise, leisure or even sleep, these earbuds are soft, resilient and very easy to wear.

Less is more and this light and stylish earbud sets the precedent for top of the line open ear earbuds.

Multi-point paring allows connection with two devices for seamless transitioning between work and play.

One earbud or two, it doesn’t matter. The OpenFit will work singularly or as a pair, retaining each button’s options as decided by you.  Don’t forget to download the App to customise your preferences.





The OpenFit ear bud RRP $289 is another fine example of Shokz’ excellent open ear technology. Geared at anyone who wants comfort and sound quality, with the added bonus of staying grounded with the world around you, I can highly recommend the OpenFit earbuds.

There’s some amazing End of Financial Year sales on at the moment, so head on over to the Shokz website where there’s a decent 15% off Shokz products (I can also highly recommend the OpenSwim and OpenFit run).

Thank you Shokz for the opportunity to review the OpenFit earbud. And shhh, it appears Amazon has the OpenFit at $199 at time of publishing. What a great price!