Thanks to the team at Logitech, I was recently sent the Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk Laptop stand, Keyboard, Touchpad combo to review. The laptop stand that arrived to me came in Logitech’s ‘Classic Chic‘ which is a tasty, calming dark green. I was sent it for the purpose of this review.


That may look like a regular book or notepad sitting atop my 16″ Macbook Pro, right? well it ain’t! It’s the aforementioned Logitech CASA POP-UP DESK. POP-UP DESK when folded closed will slip into most backpacks along with your laptop and other sundries. While folded closed, the CASA DESK holds its keyboard aka ‘CASA KEYS’ and a compact Bluetooth touch-pad also-aka ‘CASA TOUCH’ in form fitting sections, as well as having a small compartment that holds the USB-C charging cable for the two devices and you could potentially fit a couple of other things in there, maybe a spare cable or a packet of mints? To avoid any confusion, all of the individual components have their own names, but together they’re CASA POP-UP DESK.


But you can travel easily with your laptop, what do you need CASA POP-UP DESK for? That’s the first question I was asked when I showed the product to a bunch of people – the main thing, and I say this with much confidence, as an old guy that’s used a laptop for a lot of his working life! – is that when you elevate your display, there’s a lot less stress on your neck! Logitech suggest around 40% more comfortable based on their studies and I’d strongly agree! When you’re on the go you work from wherever you are, a counter, a cafe table, your mum’s back deck, etc, but when you’re at home or in the office you’re typically in a working environment that’s largely set up to be more ergonomic. With the CASA POP-UP DESK there’s no reason to not look after your posture while working or playing on the move.


I’m a big fan of Logi keys, I use MX KEYS for Mac at home and have done for a few years now, an outstanding keyboard experience, and in the couple of months I’ve had with the CASA POP-UP DESK I’m very happy to report the keyboard, while minimalist and built mostly with plastic, compared with the metal chassis of my MX KEYS, has a very similar touch to the class leading keyboard I’m used to using many hours per day. Key touch is smooth as silk with enough feedback to let me know I’m pressing something, and it’s nice and quiet, too, which is something I value if I’m working from a cafe – don’t like annoying the latte sippers! You never know what might happen.


Just on the ‘built with plastic’ thing, CASA Pop-Up Desk includes certified post-consumer recycled plastic. Minimum 62% for the Touchpad, minimum 47% for the keyboard and a minimum of 44% for the book, in this day and age, giving a second life to old consumer electronics is a very good thing – Thanks, Logitech. (The packaging also comes from FSC certified forests and is recyclable!)


The CASA POP-UP DESK will work with Windows, MacOS, iPadOS and ChromeOS, it’s very easy to connect via low energy Bluetooth and has a great battery last, Logi suggest up to 5 months if left to sit, or 3 weeks with frequent use. The charging is via USB-C, the included cable can be plugged into the laptop you’re working from, or a USB brick, and because the USB-C ports are place on the back of the keyboard and touchpad, you can plug in and charge while you’re working if, like me, you push it and forget and then get caught out!


In use, as a social media manager who is on a lot of Zoom calls and uses a lot of emoji (yes, really 🤣) there are a couple of little things about CASA KEYS that I really love, you’ll find a Mic Mute button (6.) and an EMOJI button (2.) right there on your function key set, I know it’s a small thing, but in this day and age, I truly wish my MX KEYS had the same! We also get an ‘easy switch’ key (1.) allowing you to quickly switch between 3 devices, You also have your screenshot key (4.) as well as your regular media control keys (5.) and a quick screen lock (7.) – like I said, compact but it packs a punch!

The Wireless Touchpad is around about hand sized and once again connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. Touch can be charged the same as the keyboard with the USB-C port at the rear for in-use charging, and will last three weeks on a full charge! Something I forgot to say above about the keyboard is that with just ONE minute of charging, you can get enough juice in to last your whole day – that’s speedy! Same with the touch, three minutes of charge will give you a whole day, so if you’re stuck, you’re still not really stuck!

I’m a Mac user and so I have all the gesture controls I could want on the CASA TOUCH, swipe and scroll and zoom etc, as well as the ability to scroll from one device to another, my laptop to my desktop for example, all of these options are very easy to setup and navigate within the Logi Options+ software. You can also use the Logi Options+ software to customise your function keys on the keyboard and do things like upgrading software etc. The software is very visual and easy to use.

By way of summary, as a kit, the CASA POP-UP DESK now comes with me anytime I’m headed out of my office to work, its saved me many an uncomfortable neck and back, and allows me to work more efficiently, having the keyboard and touchpad right where I want them rather than having to reach across a desk to my laptop’s keyboard and touchpad. This highly portable and convenient portable office kit in a cute little ‘book’ gets five stars from me!

The Logitech CASA POP-UP DESK is available from all Logitech authorised retailers at a suggested retail price of AU$289.95, in “Classic Chick” (dark), “Nordic Calm” (Applesque light), and “Bohemian Blush” (pastel pink).