Wonderboom 2
One of the best wireless speakers around is the “Boom” series from Ultimate Ears, brought to us by Logitech.

We’ve reviewed the Megaboom earlier on this channel and this time around received a couple of its younger siblings: the Wonderboom. Sound like a South African name – in fact it’s also an airport near Pretoria…

So, my expectations were mixed as the Megaboom had a terrific sound but could the Wonderboom come even close?

Look at the thing: not bigger than a grapefruit!

Our two “fruitlings” came in the boldest colours of the 6 colour range: tomato-orange and blue.
Of course, UE calls them a bit cooler than that: Fireball and Subzero…

They sport the same signature oversized + and – volume buttons on the round waterproof enclosure. The power and BT button sit on top and a covered charge port on the bottom edge. Another, not so obvious button is the UE logo in the centre of the top: this will let you pause/play and skip a track.
Extremely well designed and built. Made for tough partying if that’s your thing.


As expected, the output is somewhat less than the phenomenal Megaboom but totally adequate for amplifying voice and music from your phone.
AND if you have another Wonderboom in your vicinity you can use the PartyUp mode where you can wirelessly double up to wonderfully amplify your songs.
We tried it with the two littlies and that just about doubled the volume and the “surroundness”.
This is the great party trick of this UE series and one of the reasons for its popularity.

The battery lasts for close to 10 hours before a juice-up. And in case you always “wonder” what charge cable to use, this little fellow comes with a nice flat yellow cable.

Wonderboom 1


The Booms are not cheap not should they be. They deliver and the look, feel and sound is great.
They sell for around $130 but I reckon you should be entitled to a discount if you buy more than one! 🙂

I can recommend the brand and certainly these Wonderbooms!

Have a look here for more info: Wonderboom