We’ve been friends with the “Boom” family of bluetooth speakers for a few years now, having reviewed the Megaboom and Wonderboom models and more significantly, have them still in daily use. Until the next model comes around of course and then the older models get passed around to friends and family – except for the original Megaboom.

I’m holding onto that one just a while longer. Why?
Is the new Megaboom 3 not good enough?

On the contrary, my friend. Let me explain.

The new Megaboom 3 is outwardly not much different from the previous model: same shape, slightly different and more stylish skin but there have been some good improvements.
So the old one I will continue to use to get “stereo” sound by playing music through both speakers. And, because it is an older model, I am using that one on my home reno jobs. Hey, it is waterproof and drop & dustproof so what is the worst that can happen?

What are the improvements you ask?

The 360⁰ sound was already distortion free at high volumes (up to 90dBA) and rich in bass. The new model has slightly improved bass performance. Perfect for parties they say but we’ve tested these things in quieter environments so that we can truly assess what they are capable of.
Unless you put your name on them with neon markers they may go walkabout halfway through your party except if everyone brings their own Booms and you all hook up (your Booms, of course!) That seems to be the Number One party trick: connectivity with other UE Booms. Up to 150 units! Make sure you warn the neighbours or better yet: invite them over. There’s also the redesigned Ultimate Ears app to personalise your settings and engage the PartyUp feature.

On top, the power button shifted off centre to make place for the so called “Magic” button. That’s marketing speak for something that is capable of more than one function. In this case you can play, pause and skip tracks directly on the speaker. Granted: it is handy.


The outward appearance became a bit slicker as well as it is covered in very tough two-tone fabric that is also used with fire-equipment. We thought it prudent to just take their word that the Megaboom is tough but being fireproof is not on the list! The signature oversized Volume + and – buttons have lost their contrasting colours for this series.

The battery lasts a very decent 20 hours and UE has made available a “Power Up” charging dock which, while not wireless, makes it a lot easier to recharge this unit. The previous Megaboom had a deeply recessed charge port on the underside which could only be accessed by their bespoke fluoro yellow (!) charge cable. Now the port on the lower side is easier to reach with any charge cable. The Power Up option is not cheap at 49 bucks but oh so handy if you use the speaker a lot.


Talking about pricing: the Model 3 is AUD299 and 4 colours are available.
This means that this improved model has a launch price of around 80 bucks less than the previous model. Not bad!
By the way, when the Megaboom 3 was announced, I thought: how come I missed the Megaboom 2? Well, it turned out that UE decided to skip that one to line up with the Boom series which did have a model 2…

megaboom3 packaging back3d.png.imgw.480.480

Our rating: the Megaboom 3 from Logitech’s Ultimate Ears division is arguably the best wireless speaker in its class with all the features and performance and its go-anywhere built quality. And did I mention its stunning looks?

I did now and can recommend the Megaboom 3 very highly!

Here’s the link to more info.