I would describe myself as a casual gamer, I doubt I would ever wear a suit for playing games. Terrible dad jokes aside, I do enjoy kicking back with my Nintendo Switch and even take it with me when traveling for work on the odd chance I have some down time to decompress.

One of the challenges though is that a lot of the games I like to play are pretty big in terms of how much storage they need on the device. Even if you have the OLED model like I do, you only have 64gigs of internal storage.

Sandisk MicroSDXC for Nintendo Switch

Luckily there is a microSD card slot that allows you to put in a card of up to 2TB in the Switch so that you can take a boat load of games with you whoever you go.

Now you can get microSD cards pretty cheap these days, but I would caution you that you do need to pay attention to the speeds of the cards. It doesn’t have to be super fast, but always best to check that it’s fast enough.

The SanDisk 256GB microSDXC card is not just fast enough, but you can even get it with various branding for some of the games that you have for the Switch. I was sent the Mario one.

They are available in capacity from 64GB all the way up to 1TB.

If you’re looking to bulk up your storage on your Nintendo Switch these are good way to go. And a little bit of internal bling is a nice thing too.