Unintentionally, I have long been a member of the ‘Quantified Self’ movement. It crept up on me and before I knew it I was fully immersed. I first dipped my toe in these waters through smart watches, then through the use of mental and physical health tracking apps. Naturally when my local gym brought in body analysis scales, I was there for it! There is just something about recording data, keeping track of trends and analysing what that means for my health that appeals to me. (Truth be told, its probably part of my life scripting as an ex-dancer … but I’ll hold off on the pop-psych analysis for now). When the opportunity arose to test and review the BodyPedia Smart Body Composition Scale, I jumped at it. Who doesn’t want access to a quality measurement tool like this in their own home for personal, convenient use?!

BodyPedia Body Composition Scale


The device comes tightly packaged in a slim, lightweight cardboard box, to ensure that the scale does not move around loosely in transit. The reverse side of the packaging clearly illustrates the scale’s data output metrics and the device specifications. Included within the box are the scale, an instruction manual and a tape measure. The BodyPedia Smart Body Composition Scale came fitted with 4 AA batteries.

Tightly boxed to keep safe during transit.

Design and Build Quality

The BodyPedia Smart Body Composition Scale is a sophisticated, user-friendly measurement tool for those serious about understanding and tracking their health metrics. This device is a successful combination of good, solid technology coupled with a sleek aesthetic. The BodyPedia scale boasts a modern design that fits unobtrusively into any bathroom or bedroom decor. Available in both black and in white, its tempered glass surface is stylish, durable and easy to clean. The digital LED display is clear and bright, making it easy to read measurements without spectacles on, or in low light.

Stylish, tempered glass, with bright LED display.


Features and Functionality

This smart scale offers a comprehensive range of some 40+ data metrics beyond just weight, including:

  • body fat percentage
  • muscle mass
  • bone density
  • visceral fat
  • waist-hip ratio
  • basal metabolic rate (BMR), and
  • hydration levels

Simply step on the scale to take an initial weight measurement, then reach down to pop out and grip the handles (that cleverly tuck into the unit at either side) for further measurements.

The handle grips pop into the sides of unit to keep them out of the way when not in use.




BodyPedia claims high accuracy in its readings, courtesy of advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology. The scale uses an 8 point tactile electrode system – 4 points under the user’s feet on the scale, and two points on each handle that the user grips. The nature of the more detailed 8 point data collection system means that in comparative tests, the scale’s readings were consistent with professional body composition analysers, making it reliable for home use. This is an important distinction between the BodyPedia 8 point device and other four point devices.

The four-electrode body fat scales measure the lower body using a single low-frequency current and then estimate all body data based on height, weight, gender, and age. In contrast, the BodyPedia Smart Body Analyzer uses three frequency currents to directly measure the impedance of different body parts (arms, torso, legs), providing detailed body composition data without relying on height, gender, or age for estimations. The body fat rate is not determined by height, gender and age.

So, how does BIA work

While “bioelectrical impedance analysis” sounds technical, BIA devices use straightforward technology. They measure the rate at which a painless low-level electrical current travels through your body. Different tissues in your body allow the electrical current to travel at individual speeds. Fat is more resistant than muscle or water, so the higher the resistance, the higher the body fat percentage calculation is likely to be. Most scales measure an estimate of your total fat, muscle, water, and bone in weight and percentage. Based on that rate, a calculation is used to estimate fat-free mass. The device then uses other data such as your height, gender, and weight measurements to determine your body fat percentage.

A multitude of measurements for data lovers!


Connectivity and App Integration

One of the standout features is its seamless integration with the BodyPedia app. You can get this from the app store of your choice. The app syncs effortlessly with the device via Bluetooth, offering detailed insights and trends over time. It also supports multiple user profiles, making it ideal for families. I added my husband as a user on the app. The scale immediately knows which user is standing on the scale due to the biometric profile stored from first use. This is an excellent feature, as his data syncs to the app automatically without me needing to go in and switch users. In fact, I believe that there is no limit to the number of users you can add profiles for in the app.  The app’s interface is intuitive, providing easy access to historical data, goal tracking, and personalised recommendations. It could not be more simple or intuitive to use. I love this!

Easy, peasy app installation and scale set up!



Comprehensive Metrics: Provides a holistic view of your body composition.

Accurate Readings: Reliable measurements comparable to professional equipment.

User-Friendly App: Intuitive and feature-rich app for tracking progress.

Multi-User Support: Great for families.

Hidden handle grips: these slot into the device on either side (clearly marked which way is ‘up’ for insertion), keeping the grips and cords safely tucked away.

Stylish Design: Sleek aesthetic, simple design, fits with existing decor.



Financial investment: At $304 + shipping/handling, the initial outlay is a little on the higher end compared to other more basic scales. However, the price is well justified by the device’s features, and the convenience of having the scales at home for use whenever I want to use them.

Hidden handle grips: for older people with mobility and dexterity issues, bending down and pressing the buttons to pop out the handles may cause issues. This of course can be overcome with the support and help of another person.

Dependence on App: Full functionality and detailed insights are app-dependent, which may not suit everyone.

BodyPedia BodyPedia


The BodyPedia Smart Body Composition Scale is an excellent investment for anyone serious about their fitness and health. Its ability to provide detailed, accurate body metrics combined with a user-friendly app makes it a powerful tool for monitoring and achieving health goals. The range of features and the measurement precision the BodyPedia Smart Composition Scale offers justify the cost, making it a worthy addition to any health-conscious individual’s toolkit.

It is available from the BodyPedia website for AUD$304, in either black or white colourways. Bodypedia has offered a generous 15% off for DRN readers with the code BPDRN15.

With thanks to BodyPedia for the opportunity to test and review this stylish health measurement product!