When MobileZap introduced the AGL Remote Controlled LED Lights not so long ago, I knew I wanted a bunch of them.

They are billed as “Under Cabinet” lights but can be used in so many applications that every household could easily use a dozen.

What is it and how can we use these handy lights?

The AGL Remote Controlled LED Lights come in a 3 pack with a remote controller.
They are essentially 9cm round lights with 16 bright cool white LEDs, fairly flat (2cm thin) with a big central On/Off switch.

Nothing spectacular about that. The neat trick is that the set of 3 can be controlled together or individually by the remote control. So, any place where it is hard to install wired lights – and cabinets are not the easiest place – could benefit from having one or more of these handy little lights.

Here are some examples that I tried: lighting up the covered walkway from the carport to the front door.


Inside my wardrobe and lighting up every shelf of my large gadget cupboard.
Lighting up our gazebo as well as the firewood shed.
Plus the various kitchen cabinets of course.



For about 21 Aussie bucks a set they are quite affordable and movable so you can play around with them. They come with adhesive patches and screws for a more permanent place.

One thing I have noticed is that the remote control is very directional so you have to aim in the general direction of the lights and ideally be within 3 or 4 metres of them. That posed a bit of a problem with the 4 walkway lights which I spaced fairly far apart. I couldn’t switch them on or off in one go. The good thing though is that all the remote controls work with all the lights and you can point them at individual lights if you only need one on.

The lights stay on until you switch them off or you can use the 30 minute timer.
There’s also a dimming switch on the remote.
All units use AAA batteries and they should last a long, looong time. And the LEDs are rated for 20,000 hours.

Light up your world and check these lights out here