Travelon ALLThe 2020 TRAVELON SHOW – How to Travel Light, Safe, Stylish and Practical (Part One)
This is our third Show of Travelon products that have a well-earned reputation of bringing out travel gear that is not only stylish and what you want to carry on you but practical in the extreme. That means lightweight, heavy-duty and, in the last few years with a focus on safety and security (anti-theft).

In previous years we reviewed about half a dozen products at the time. This year, thanks to the generosity of the Travelon Team, we’ll have to split it in 2 sections as we have about a dozen products from their humongous range of travel bags and accessories.

Today we bring you the AT Active Day Backpack, a Slim Bag from the Boho Collection and the AT 4-wheel Carry-On.

With these items, knowing that your gear is secure, you can now fasten your seatbelts so that you too are secure!

Travelon1 Backpack1

The AT Active Day Backpack in charcoal (item number 43129) is a very lightweight unit. It weighs next to nothing when empty which makes it ideal for carry-on when flying. Yet the main compartment with padded and fleece lined pocket can hold a laptop up to 15.6”.

I had given up on flying with my big laptop because of weight and because it is always subject to security inspections. But it easily fits my Mavic Pro drone plus a 12” notebook and with all the padding it is safe and comfortable as well.
The next zippered compartment sports an RFID blocking pocket with card slots and great for protecting your passport and wallet. An almost standard item in all of Travelon’s bigger bags is the very handy tethered key clip with LED light.
At the very back (and out of easy reach) a smaller zippered pocket could hold your phone.
Much easier to reach are the side pockets so you can grab a water bottle, umbrella or your sunnies.

For extra security the panels and straps are all slash resistant (you don’t know how important that can be when you travel in southern Europe!) and everything is water resistant. All the outside zippers can be locked making it harder for pickpockets. Some reflective accents make this backpack visible when it’s darker outside.

Travelon1 Backpack2

Two more things you might need to know: price and size.
All pricing is in USD in these Travelon reviews as not all products are available in Australia. When they are I’ll provide the AUD price as well.
This backpack is USD115 and for size try these measurements: 19.5” x 11.5” x 5.5” (that’s about 50 x 29 x 14cm). Available from Amazon AU for around AUD143.

This is a great backpack for people with an active lifestyle. It is stylish in an unobtrusive way, just as it should be. Available in different colours.

Travelon 2 Boho 

The second item is a gray heather styled Slim Crossbody from the Boho range (43225).

I’m a guy but even I can see why one of the ladies on our team picked this one to review and keep (here I’m pinching a few lines from some marketing dude or dudess with a flair for flowery words: “the Boho Collection speaks to a softer and feminine lifestyle as it delights the spirit. Lively pattern and neutral colors inspire a personalised style. Time-tested designs and soft quilted textile bring beauty and fashion to everyday. Indulge your carefree side knowing our hidden anti-theft features have you covered. Born out of a love of fashion, art and travel – comes Boho.”

Sorry folks, I can’t write like that…

What I take away is that the bag looks pretty and is as secure as they can make it these days. Inexpensive at 50 US bucks too…

Now for the real inside story let’s hear the findings from our team member whose spirit surely has been delighted (and I did not let her read that marketing speak!)

Before she gives her thoughts let me get the technical stuff out of the way: this small Crossbody measures 9″ x 10″ x .75″ with a Strap Length of 50″.
Starting as always with the main compartment: this has RFID protected passport and card slots, an open top wall pocket, a zip wall pocket and a pen loop.
There are two front pockets, one of them does lock for security.

Other security features are also in place: straps are slash-resistant and it has the RFID pocket.

And with that handy LED light you can easily locate your keys and lippie.
Price USD50 and you can choose from different patterns and colours.
Will ship from the US but shipping and import charges takes the shine off ownership: around AUD115.

Travelon2 Boho2

Now for the real experience:
The good: Looks good. Sturdy. Can attach stuff to the straps. The rear pocket is very handy for quick access. Perfect size for travel docs. Definitely a good size for travelling. The inner lining is a stylish light stripe so easy to see what’s in the bag. The inner pockets hold small things in place.

On the cons. The fabric is so sturdy that the bag is best for accommodating flat things and not so good for things like sunglasses etc (have to put them in the main pocket.) Probably also due to the shape of the bag. I thought I’d use the inner zippered pocket for cash but it’s full depth so not ideal and really need a coin purse if I want to carry cash in this bag.

I haven’t tested the locking zippers when shopping as I really can’t be bothered unless I’m going to be in the big smoke. But testing them now the main one is easy to use but the front one is a bit fiddlier as you need to get the zip as far closed as possible to get the clearance and it isn’t as easy as the other one.

There you have it!
Main question is: Is she happy with it?
I got the feeling she’s pretty stoked with it…

Travelon3 Carry On1 

Finally in this trio of Travelon essential travel gear we have the AT 4-wheel Revolution Carry-On Spinner (44068)
By the way, AT stands for Anti-Theft.

Size: 17″ x 14.75″ x 9″ or 22.9 x 43.2 x 37.5 cm ; 2.49 Kg

We did review a similar carry-on case last year, the two-wheeled 44052, but this one is 4 wheel drive!

General Features
• Fits under most airplane seats
• This 360˚easy glide spinner features a strong telescoping handle and top grip handle
• Carry-on opens 180˚ for easier packing
• It has both the durability of a hard-sided case and the flexibility of a soft-sided case in one
• Roomy main compartment with 2 zippered pockets (one mesh) and hold down straps for garments/clothing
• Access your tech from the outside and inside
• Plenty of pockets: 8 in addition to main compartment

Security Features
• Features puncture resistant YKK zippers with Double Racquet Coil Chain technology. This increases the strength of the zippers by 200% reckons YKK.
• Locking zipper pulls also prevent breaking and entering. TSA lock
• Checkpoint-friendly front compartment contains an RFID blocking pocket with 2 card slots to protect against identity thieves, 2 mesh pouches for tech accessories/cords and a laptop sleeve

If there’s one carry-on bag I could choose out of many brands for inconspicuous style, practicality and security, I would pick this AT 4-wheel Revolution Carry-On Spinner.

I love the way it glides over different surfaces. This is no supermarket trolley that you have to fight! It’s about as big as they allow you to have them. It may not fit under every airplane seat but it will in the overhead lockers.
At 2.5 kilos Qantas allows you to add another 7.5 of your stuff which is sufficient for many overnight trips. Even though it’s not gonna get banged around like your suitcases, it will stand up very well under years of hard use with its ABC shell and nylon case.
It’s a perfect combination of durability and flexibility.

The telescopic handles slides out easily and clicks in 3 different settings.
There is no handy LED keyring light but there are a couple of pouches that could hold a decent sized torch! Handy in flight is that you don’t always have to open the whole case to get to the biggest compartment.

This one is highly recommended!

Price USD155 but also available via for AUD221 plus 72 bucks delivery. That last bit is a killer shipping price, certainly for Amazon. They should be able to do better. Of course they can do better if you sign up for their Prime service at $7/mth. Could be worth it if you plan to buy a lot from them.

 Travelon3 Carry On2

Finally, head over to Travelon for more inspiration for all your travel needs!