sta1500 15 stringtrimmerattachment 3 usewithph1000We’re following up on last week’s Part 1 where we reviewed the Power Head and the first attachment, the Pole Saw.

Today we have a good look at the Line Trimmer (aka as Whipper Snipper) and the Brushcutter.

Since we talked extensively about the Multi-Tool system last time, we can keep it to a short write-up and a bit of a longer video.

The Brushcutter

We briefly referred to the power of the EGO Brushcutter in Part 1 and that is a key element to its usefulness. Enough grunt is your friend in “beating around the bush” – in our case this was mainly 3 metre tall bracken, blackberry bushes, arum lilies and other rubbish weeds.

With enough speed (Speed setting on 2) it went through like the proverbial knife through soft butter. On Speed setting 1 the brushcutter had a tendency to hook behind the tough stems.

I like it that the EGO has a protective shield for the sharp tri-teeth blade when you put it back in storage.

Handy is too that the 30cm blade is reversible for prolonged use. And at 2.5mm thick it’s certainly not flimsy.

Something that I wouldn’t have thought would make a difference – but it does – the head rotates counter clockwise. That’s what all the commercial brushcutters do for better control and better efficiency.

For extended use I prefer my brushcutter to come with a double harness. I found the single strap didn’t give me (being fairly tall) a comfortable reach.
Of course, EGO’s line of brushcutters does include units with double handle bars and double harnesses so it comes down to personal preference (or commercial operating needs).

bca1200 4

The Line Trimmer

The same power as with the Brushcutter makes this a weed-eater that can handle the toughest assignments.
Just have a look at the video below.

With continued use the 2.5AH battery will last about 15 minutes on the highest speed setting.
That is probably enough for your average suburban yard. We like to test our equipment in a somewhat harsher environment so that when we give a recommendation it is with full confidence it will do very well in the gardens it was designed for.

The 38cm cutting path is pretty wide and to keep it wide the wire is fed with a quick tap of the bump head.

I’m excited about the EGO’s biggest improvement for line trimmers: the ease of putting new wire into the Rapid Reload Trimmer Head. That used to be a finicky task of taking off the spring-loaded head and carefully winding it but now it’s a matter of seconds. The head comes pre-loaded with professional grade 2.4mm dual-twist line.


We can endorse these Brushcutter and Line Trimmer attachments for the EGO Multi-Tool wholeheartedly.

They are powerful, well-balanced, designed very well and of high quality. The best thing is the less than 200 Aussie bucks price tag.

Adding tools to the Multi-Tool Power Head is inexpensive and a great way to tackle all sorts of jobs in your garden or on your property.

Highly Recommended!

Check out the Multi-Tool on the EGO website.

But before you do, have a quick look at these two short videos we made while testing: