Laser has truly stepped into the smart home scene with a bang, introducing the AmbiColour RGB ambient smart lighting solutions as part of their expanding CONNECT SmartHome range. Now, I’m no stranger to appreciating a touch of modern art or enhancing the atmosphere in my home, so when I caught wind of these new fancy lights, I thought, “Why not give them a shot and see what they bring to the table”


Connect Laser light bar BOX

First Impressions

The Laser Connect Light Bars looked solid right from the very first opening. Sleek design, large solid connectors, power supply and even double sided tape included to save you running to the hardware store. They have definitely not skimped on the build quality nothing flimsy here. All components are packed in there own respective packs, with a very straight forward user manual, and some design ideas to get you started.


Shedding some light on Lasers Ambicolour – MD’s insights 

So, what’s the lowdown on these LASER lights? – they’re promoting creativity, customisation, and affordability, sounds promising. The AmbiColour lights come in various shapes and sizes, including Light Bars, Hexagon Lights, Triangle Lights, and LED strips.

Managing Director of LASER and Head of CONNECT SmartHome, Chris Lau commented:

Over the past four years we’ve seen Australians embrace smart technology like never before, which in turn has made their lives easier and safer. With today’s news we can add colour and vibrancy to people’s homes with smart lighting technology, giving people a chance to decorate their space differently and more affordably than has been possible before.

We’re excited to continue to educate the market around combining products to create schedules and scenes that enhance your life. With this range, they can be easily automated so that when you simply say ‘Hey Google, it’s party time’, or ‘Hey Google, it’s movie time’ your lights will meet the occasion and deliver an immersive entertainment experience.


In Use

You might draw some parallels to the Nanoleaf, but let’s see how these hold up in performance. We Put it to the test in our home office, utilizing a Christmas tree as our canvas, creating multiple festive colour scenes. The result? A resounding WOW! It breathed life into the room, with kids gravitating towards the Laser Christmas tree for its captivating light show. The only challenge was deciding whose customised light scene to showcase.

One standout feature that grabbed my attention is the freedom from preconfigured lighting styles. Laser has empowered you to customize your own colour profiles and scenes, adding a touch of personal flair to your living space. It’s like being the director of your own miniature light show. Whether setting the atmosphere for a cosy movie night or adjusting the colours scene to suit the  evening’s mood, sometimes it’s just the little things.

Connect Smart Bar APP



Laser has really simplified the task of linking the light bars to the app, presenting a QR code on the both the box and manual, that seamlessly guides you to the App store. Its compatibility with both Google and Alexa adds a level of convenience that becomes fairly evident when you catch a glimpse of the office glowing and suddenly realize you forgot to turn it off. A simple “Hey Google, turn off Office Laser light” takes care of it. The app provides comprehensive control over the entire lighting system, allowing for the effortless customization of your lighting scene profiles


Connect Bars and Setup

Now, let’s address some pain points – wall mounting can be a bit fiddly. The bars seem to have a bit of a tussle with gravity. I could picture myself, in all honesty, looking a bit less-than-graceful during the mounting process – you might want an extra set of hands. But if it translates to a cool lighting setup then it’s all part of the fun. A heads-up for my fellow dads – be prepared for a bit of a puzzle when installing these bad boys.



There’s been some buzz about the vivid colours and special effects of the Laser SmartHome lighting, and I must admit, I have hopped on the bandwagon – the colours truly pop! They are vibrant, and seamlessly blend as they move through various patterns. I found myself on many occasions being captivated like a moth drawn to a mesmerizing light show. Good product that brings life and energy to any room.

  • Connect SmartHome  AmbiColour Smart Light Curtain -$109.95
  • Connect SmartHome AmbiColour Smart Light Bars -$149.95
  • Connect Smart Home Smart DIY Hexagon Light – $149.95
  • Connect Smart Home AmbiColour Smart Triangle Lights – $179.95

DRN would like to thank Laser Co for providing the review unit.