Need a slim, stylish wallet to hold a couple of cards with your MagSafe-compatible iPhone? The Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand allows you to easily take your everyday essentials without fuss.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

First Impressions

Made from vegan leather, the Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand comes in seven colourways. Our review unit is the Brown and it looks and feels premium.

The material leather faithfully mimics the real deal, with stylish elegance and precise stitching.

The MagSafe ring is clearly marked out so there is no mistaking which side should be closest to the phone.

Also of note is the proper metal hinge between the two halves.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

In Use

There is really nothing to it. The Magnetic Wallet Stand is a standalone unit that attaches via MagSafe compatibility. No fiddling around with phone cases or anything like that.

You can align it in either the portrait or the landscape orientation as needed. If you are watching a movie on the phone, then have it in the landscape orientation, open the hinge to form a stand and you are ready to go.

The metal hinge is no lip service. It is strong and once you open it up to the angle you want, it just stays put.

The marketing says you can fit four cards in with a thickness of 10.5mm total.

When the wallet is brand new, you can fit three cards comfortably with two in front and one in the slot. Like any leather product this will likely soften and stretch a little over time and you should be able to fit a fourth card in. It is a big ask at the beginning though.

There is an ID window on the inside of the front flap so you can show your identification without having to pull the card out. Pretty handy if you live where I do and still don’t legally have digital drivers licence yet.

How strong is the magnetic attachment? Strong. You can lift the phone up by the case without fearing that it will detach.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand



There is one.

The hinge will create a lip with the leather when opening past about 110 degrees, and this pushes the wallet to disconnect from the phone. Is it a deal breaker? Well that is you to you.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand



The Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand is a handy little gadget to have with a MagSafe compatible phone. It is not without it’s flaw as noted but it does the job – keep some essential cards in play and adding minimal bulk to your phone.

Available on, shoppers can choose from four sleek colorways: Black, Brown, Navy Blue, and Orange. Three additional colorways available exclusively on include Forest Green, Purple, and Blue. They have a RRP of $79.95 and well worth considering.

DRN would like to thank Satechi for providing the review unit.