One of the more unique products to launch in 2023 was the Synology BeeDrive.

In less than three minutes of setup, the Synology BeeDrive can backs up personal files and photos from your computer, phone, and tablet simultaneously.

Synology BeeDrive


With BeeDrive, we hope to bring Synology’s expertise in backup technologies to a larger group of users — many of whom are perfectly computer-literate, but have neither the time or the networking knowledge to host a server that runs 24/7 just for backup,” Hu added. “BeeDrive offers a no-hassle option even for the families and friends of current Synology users.” said David Hu, product manager at Synology Inc.

With the dawn of a new year, Synology has added macOS support to the BeeDrive.

Here is a little video from Synology to take you through the process step by step.

We reviewed this one back in June 2023 and found it immensely useful for personal use. It is worth noting that it does not support onboard encryption which does make it unsuitable for enterprise use.

But with up to five versions kept on the BeeDrive, you are covered for many cases of accidental user errors.

The current RRP at time of publishing is AUD$247 for 1TB and $399 for 2TB. Yes they are more expensive than a barebones external SSD, but I think the feature set makes it a worthy consideration.