Wormwood cover
Hard on the heels of our most recent review of Dr Horn’s Shadowland book – a thoroughly documented volume on who really is running (and ruining!) the United States of America – here is a book that – among other things – describes NASA’s role in a cover-up of what’s heading our way.

What is the 2000 year old Wormwood prophecy?

Is it relevant for us today, living in this generation?

And, if so, can we prepare for this catastrophic event?

Thomas Horn is not known as a writer of fiction even though in the dozens of books he has published he talks about subjects that are hard to believe, things that seem to belong to the realm of myth, fantasy and (science)-fiction.
But the research that Horn has done in these subjects often prove the validity of the saying “fact is stranger than fiction”…

I find it interesting that Thomas Horn starts and ends this particular book with a chapter that he clearly labels as fiction. He does this to paint a scenario that we can relate to. In fact, we see similar opening scenarios in the many Hollywood movies of cosmic disasters where a young, brilliant person discovers something that he or she needs to share with the President of the USA.
Of course, this person ends up saving the world… but not after the earth has been invaded or pummelled into a dystopian shell of its former self.

It is when we read about what NASA and other agencies are doing behind the scenes that we find out their concern about what might be coming our way. Often the agency is surprised by some asteroid that they didn’t see coming. Most of the space rocks that hit the surface of this planet are small and of no consequence. Yet we know that many craters on earth have been formed by much larger celestial bodies.

In my younger years as a pilot I flew into and below the rim of the famous Meteor Crater in Arizona. This very well preserved impact crater, known also as the Devil Canyon Crater, was hit by a small (about 160 feet or 50 meters).nickel-iron meteorite.


In Kentucky the town of Middlesboro was built inside a 3 mile wide impact crater.


So earth has been pummelled over the eons by many meteorites but thankfully our “force shield” atmosphere kept damage to a minimum – so far.
Horn describes how many meteors get very close and appear very suddenly whilst others are detectable from far away, giving more warning time.

One of these celestial bodies to impact our planet for sure has been predicted in the so-called Wormwood prophecy in the Book of Revelation. So we’ve had a heads-up warning for nearly 2 millennia.
Its devastating size should make its trajectory detectable years out and that reality coming from a Book that has an impeccable track record of already fulfilled prophecies, makes even non-religious scientists anxious.

Here’s the description of the Wormwood event:
“The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” – Revelation 8:10-11

So is this a star or something that shines like a star before it becomes a blazing torch?
Is it indeed a meteorite or some other celestial phenomenon?

Horn spends quite a bit of time discussing the various possibilities and what the scientists are proposing to hopefully deflect its path.
He goes deep into the meaning of the word Wormwood and also draws parallels with the 10 Plagues that hit Egypt some 4000 years ago.
Fascinating is the account of something similar that happened around Lake Nyos in Cameroon, Africa in the ‘80s.

Thomas Horn references Niburu and Planet X, fallen angels and the asteroid Apophis as possible candidates for this bitter curse on the world’s fresh water supplies.

I’ll leave it to you to discern which one would be the most likely contender to fulfil this ancient prophecy by reading this book.

More importantly, Dr Horn reveals what can be done to minimise Wormwood’s impact on you personally.

Available from Defender Publishing or Amazon for under USD20. (Kindle edition: 11 bucks and paperback USD13)