DIY home security

A well-lit home can deny intruders opportunity to hide their activities while a camera helps provide your home with eyes and ears when you are not able to be there.

Whether you live at home, share a place with friends or live by yourself, the Connect Wireless Outdoor Camera with Adjustable Floodlight & Solar Panel (CSH-SLRFLCAMA) offers the kind of basic security everyone home should have – And the best thing about this kit? You won’t even need a sparky to get it up and running.

Connect Smart Outdoor CameraConnect Smart Outdoor Camera


Quick specs rundown

  • Camera: Full High Definition 1080p
  • Power: Battery 4800mAh Rechargeable battery / Solar – panel
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • Audio Recording: 2-Way
  • Water resistance: IP-65
  • Media type: MicroSD (up to 64 GB)
  • Smart Device Compatibility: Google Assistance and Alexa
Connect Smart Outdoor CameraConnect Smart Outdoor Camera



Lighting up your home shine 2 adjustable, wide-throw LEDs casting 1000 lumens. They’re bright…and as they should because we know how cameras love great lighting. Which is why the 1080p camera with built in PIR Motion Sensor (up to 7m) with that wide 120-degree field of view make this such a great combo. Even when the lighting is poor, the Night Vision has you covered.

Powering this is an internal/removable battery pack consisting of 4x 18650 batteries which are rechargeable by the included solar panel. This makes the Connect Wireless Outdoor Camera with Adjustable Floodlight & Solar Panel self-sufficient and capable of running itself. The solar panel can be disconnected (for ease of installation) and mounted anywhere within 5m of the unit giving this a DIY tick of approval.

However, where the Connect Wireless Outdoor Camera shines is the Smart integration with the Connect App which is available on both Google Play and iOS AppStore. Setting up in the app was a cinch and in mere minutes I had access to set up voice commands which could be triggered by Google Assistant and Alexa and automation/scheduling features also compatible with other Connect devices. Other features that became available at my fingertips were: live cam view with night vision and the ability to take stills record and play back as well as 2-way audio recording. The ability to share the device with other users through setting up users as members of your “Home” means others can check in when you can’t, making sure there’s always someone on-watch.

Connect Smart appview


Priced at AUD$349.95 at it’s not the cheapest on the market however granted that some installs will set you back a couple hundred from your local electrician, the Connect Wireless Outdoor Camera with Adjustable Floodlight & Solar Panel is a package worth every cent for the DIY’er