Logitech have created the ultimate in keyboard comfort with the Ergo Series Wave Keys with cushioned palm rest.
A supportive hand position, soft touch keys and customisable Function keys means the Wave Keys hits all the right notes.



I’m using the Logitech Wave Keys to write this review.  As a touch typist who learned to type on a Remington typewriter back in the day, there’s simply no comparison.  The Wave Keys has a little more junk in the trunk than some of the current slim market offerings, but that’s for the benefit of one’s wrists so no complaints from me.

The key action is very smooth and there’s a little bit of clack back sound which I personally like. The key travel is just right and I don’t feel like I’m stabbing at the keys, or conversely, fumbling to find my way.

I can easily reach everything on the keyboard, which is a bonus for my tiny hands.

Available in Rose, Graphite and Off-White, the Wave Keys is a well made keyboard which will appeal to users who like an ergonomic and customisable keyboard.



  • Wave Keys Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Logi Bolt USB Receiver
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide



It’s a very simple process to link the Wave Keys to your PC.  The pairing light was flashing as soon as I removed the battery saver tape. I simply linked it via Bluetooth and then walked through a few steps, as per the sheet below, to link the two devices.


You can customise your F keys to suit your needs through the Logic+ app on your pc.

Alternatively, you can use the Logi Bolt dongle included with the keyboard. Providing next gen high performance secure wireless connectivity to your keyboard (or mouse),  Logi Bolt’s greatest attribute is its ability to cut through wireless congestion (crowded environments and interference from multiple WiFi connections). So you reap the benefits with a seamless and robust drop-off free connection from up to 10m away.  With up to 8x lower latency than the rest of the wireless crew, using the Logi Bolt is simply a no brainer.


Connecting to my MacBook was a simple process of locating the device in my Bluetooth folder and following the steps.  Voila! Worked easily and was extremely quick to connect.

I tried the Logi Bolt as a separate Bluetooth connection and found it streamlined the whole keyboard experience.  So whilst Bolt is handy in a crowded environment, it’s neither here nor there if you’re home alone with no other devices in the vicinity. But I’d certainly use it if I was in the workplace or out and about in a more wireless congested spaces.

I admit to looking at the keys initially, only because I’m a touch typist and used to a flatter layout.  There are a couple of changes on the keyboard but that’s only because I’ve swapped between a Mac and this more generic keyboard layout.

So far, so good.  I’ve immediately noticed I’m not lifting my hands as much to move around the keyboard. It’s very comfortable and the wrist support is smooth and padded. The promo information advises there are three comfort layers for the keyboard: deep memory foam, a pressure dispersal layer (to create even pressure throughout use) and easy clean surface layer. It feels great and wipes down easily – I know because the cat knocked my coffee over and well… *wry look

The Wave Keys is like an rolling wave, peaking on the sides and middle with troughs between. It’s really fluid looking (not in Daliesque way though!), and I like it.

The wrist support extends across the entire keyboard.  It too is peaked in the middle, allowing your hands to naturally fall into the correct typing position. Clever Logitech, clever.

The keyboard has two options – flat or use the underneath stands to elevate the keyboard. Either way is very comfortable.

The numeric key pad is flat, which makes sense if you do a lot of data entry. I’d worry about accuracy if the numeric pad resembled a rolling North Kirra swell.  The 5 key has a nice raise mark to enable you to centre your hand for data entry purposes.

The Wave Keys is Bluetooth only with no peripheral cables required.



Now I’m used to the keyboard layout, typing is certainly intuitive and retains my normal speed.  I find looking at the keyboard as I type a little disconcerting initially, as the keys are closer together and curve inwards in a very slight semi-elliptical shape. It’s actually is good for your hands though, as it means not having type in an unnatural linear fashion, but instead stretch only moderately. And yes, you still hit the right keys every time. Nice!


Ever wanted to customise your keyboard to suit your needs? Well, now you can.  Logi Options+ App gives you the capacity to make your keyboard work for you.

Download the Logi Options+ App which will enable you to choose alternative functions for the F Keys.  Emoji keyboard? Sure thing!  Automate your work space and increase your productivity. It very kind of Logitech to help me personalise my keyboard functions and address my KPI’s *coughs* (other wise known as Kevin’s Performance Indicators!).



The Wave Keys is powered by 2 x AAA batteries which are inserted at the back. There’s also room in there for the Logi bolt. There are no USB or USB-C ports.

I’m disappointed the Wave Keys is not rechargeable. Obviously any battery component is going to add weight and decrease portability, but if I’m honest, I’d rather have a chargeable device. And let’s face it,  Murphy’s Law dictates you always run out of something when you really need it, i.e. a few replacement batteries!

So whilst this means you don’t have to turn it on or off, you might have to consider removing the battering to conserve power if not using for a while.  A quick check of battery capacity and it hasn’t moved much since I first used it, so perhaps taking the batteries out won’t really matter.


I am impressed however at the Wave Keys recyclable plastics. Minimising our footprint in this time of disposable devices is a great initiative by Logitech and kudos to them for taking a stand.

For those of you keen to explore the Logitech ecosystem, there’s a whole world of supported keyboards, mice and webcams which can be brought together under the Logi+ app.  So if you’re interested in the ultimate streamlining your workspace experience, check out the variety of accessories under the Logi+ app for some cutting edge automation and workflow concepts. Go Logitech!


I like the Logitech Wave Keys a lot. Will it replace my usual keyboard? I’ll have to think about it. But you should definitely consider the Wave Keys if you’re in the market for a new keyboard and want a light, environmentally friendly keyboard which won’t break the bank. Bonus points for it being super comfortable to use and customisable too.

You can find the Logitech Wave Keys at all good retailers for $149.95. Don’t forget to say DRN sent you.

Thank you Logitech for the opportunity to review the Wave Keys unit. And thank you for your patience!