Still on the topic of revamping my workspace, call it an autumn clean if you will. I have had the same setup for a few years because it worked … until it doesn’t. With thanks to Twelvesouth, I get to try out the Curve Flex for Macbook.

I regularly work with two to three laptops, getting that extra space setup is crucial.

Twelvesouth Curve Flex


First Impressions

Opening the box of the Curve Flex definitely leaves an impression. Under the cover is a bright red cover sheet, with 12 cut out of the top left corner, and an owner’s guide tucked into the opposite corner.

Lifting this out of the way the Curve Flex is nestled underneath, and there is a carry bag to go with it. It’s a nice touch so the Curve Flex is protected when not in use. What is even nicer is the include hex hinge tool (or Allen key as I have always known it) to adjust the tension if necessary. This is tucked it’s own little pouch inside the carry bag, with a full velcro strip to ensure it won’t just slip out accidentally.

Instructions are stuck onto the unit itself so you don’t have to refer to the owner’s guide to get started, but regardless things are pretty self explanatory.

The key things to note is not to overextend the front hinge more than 90 degrees and the back hinge has a maximum angle of 35 degrees.

Twelvesouth Curve Flex front Twelvesouth Curve Flex side

In Use

The Curve Flex is really sturdy, and the hinge tension is tight so you do need a little bit of effort to open it up.

The instructions calls for holding the back cross bar to rotate the top section up, then hold down the front curve at the logo to rotate the lower section. After that simply put your laptop on, it doesn’t need to be a MacBook, then push down gently until you achieve the desired height.

At full stretch, the Curve Flex has a height of 274mm and a minimum of 30mm. It is more than enough to bring your laptop up and have the webcam at a much more comfortable (and flattering) angle.

There are copious amounts of rubber material keep your device from slipping, and there are two feet in front to keep it safe when the stand is cranked to the max height of 56 cm and angle of 45 degrees.

Twelvesouth Curve Flex Case and Tool



The Twelvesouth Curve Flex is a fantastic and sturdy laptop stand. It is convenient and easily adjustable, and pack away when you need a little extra space. It has a RRP of AUD $139.95 and your posture will thank you for the investment. It is a few dollars cheaper on Amazon at time of publish.



Width: 264mm / 10.4-inches
Height when folded flat: 30 mm / 1.18-inches
Max height when unfolded: 274mm / 10.78-inches
Depth: 244 mm / 8.8-inches
Space between base legs: 185 mm / 7.28-inches
Weight: 790 g / 1.75 lb