AdaptWhen Adapt requested that we have a look at their latest USB cradle for the HTC Touch Pro we initially declined because none of our tests platforms was a Touch Pro.  When they insisted on sending us one anyway we figured it might also work with the Diamond Touch.  They shared the same USB charge port and indeed, when the unit arrived it played very nice with the Touch Diamond and adds some good functionality to this very capable smartphone. 

So… what else ist it good for?

Let’s do a quick walk around this USB cradle. 


It’s a smart looking unit, piano black, just as the Diamond itself.  Yes, that means it will attract smudges as well.  Although made for the Touch Pro, with careful nudging my phone also went in at the rather wide insert.  It became more difficult with the silicone case that I normally carry the phone in. But then again: it wasn’t really made for this, eh?
The cradle can be powered up from mains or a via the USB connection.
A long and bright led light indicates it’s powered.  Whether the unit is actually charging can be seen from the smartphone itself. 
Everybody knows that you cannot charge and listen to music at same time on some of these HTC phones as there is only one port for both functions.  In addition, most people would prefer a standard 3.5 MM jack for their headphones.  Well, this Adapt Excell cradle gives you the choice at the back!
It also has a slide out compartment to charge a second battery.


All in all, the Adapt Excell USB Cradle is value for money and has the extra functionality you can easily use.  I would suggest to Adapt to provide a proper insert for each of the various HTC phones that have a similar setup.

As far as pricing is concerned: Adapt said: "We will probably do a package deal of the Adapt Excell USB Cradle with 2nd battery charger + Adapt battery for HTC with RRP @AU$149 inc GST.
It’s not a fixed deal yet that it’s just a suggested price roughly."

Not quite cheap for just a charger and an extra battery but it does offer you all the options you really could wish for on your desk. And it does look the part…


Have a look at the website for Adapt Mobile:, and you will see that they provide accessories for mobile devices as well as the Adapt GX (Gaming Experience) line of products, (gaming accessories for the world’s top consoles), and Adapt MX (Multimedia Experience) products.

They have some interesting products such as the Adapt Pocket Projector which we may have a look at later.




Sleek and stylish


Synchronise and charge your device and the 2nd battery


Built in mini usb socket allows you to connect to PC with any mini usb cable


HTC 11 pins socket allows you to enjoy high quality music with HTC earphone.


3.5mm audio out for any stereo earphone and speaker


Led power indicator (red = charging the 2nd battery) (Blue = power on / fully charged the 2nd battery)


Material: ABS plastic


Colour: Black


Input: DC 5V, Output: DC 5V 500mA


Unit Dimension: 103 x 97 x 25 mm


Net weight: 129 g