BlueLounge CableBoxA little over twelve months ago DigitalReviews came across BlueLounge, a company that specialises in simple solutions to daily problems.  Previously we reviewed The Sanctuary and fell in love with it.  The Sanctuary remains one of the favourite items this reviewer has the pleasure of reviewing.  Now BlueLounge has generously provided a sample of CableBox for review.


First Impressions

Unless you are a cable management expert and anally retentive at keeping everything neatly bundled up and perhaps even custom length, then chances are under your workstation or behind your entertainment center would be a rat’s nest of dusty cables.


The CableBox is simple.  It is simply a large white fire retardant plastic bucket with a lid and openings on each end that almost spans the entire height of the unit.  The beauty of the CableBox is that it can fade into your existing decor, or put out of sight.  The generous dimensions is "designed to fit all shapes and sizes of surge protectors and power strips".

Box Drop
Inside the CableBox

Using the CableBox is a no-brainer.  It is designed in such a way that you can pick up your power strip along with its tangle of cables and just drop it into the box.  Tuck the surplus cable lengths into the space and through the end openings, close the lid and the job’s done.  Child’s play really.


For those who prefer a hidden masterpiece, there is plenty of space inside the CableBox to reconnect all your cables in neat patterns before the lid is replaced.


There are two rubber strips on the bottom of the CableBox to prevent surface slipping.


398 x 154 x 134 mm (LxWxD) (15.6" x 6" x 5.3")


The BlueLounge CableBox is one of those "why didn’t I think of that idea first" products.  True to BlueLounge’s ethos it is a simple and elegant solution to a daily problem.  The CableBox is available from BlueLounge for USD$29.95.  Australian readers can buy it from here for AUD$59.  The BlueLounge website is open to receive your before and after CableBox photos.