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Pluto Trigger is a high-speed smart camera trigger that is controlled through a free iPhone or Android app via Bluetooth. It is a very practical gadget, highly appreciated by DIY and commercial photographers who are involved in specialized projects with specific requests.

The Pluto Trigger can be used for remote shooting, time lapse, High Dynamic Range Photography, video recording, lighting photography and many other things. The reason why it is called a ‘’trigger’’ is simply because it is activated by light, sound, or anything that breaks the laser beam aimed in the direction of the Pluto Trigger.

For example, the trigger can be automatically activated and take photographs when it comes in direct contact with an animal’s body heat, or as soon as a person is smiling or making a particular gesture.

It is a neat little gadget that provides people with the opportunity to take on novel and interesting photography projects. In this article, we will be focusing on its many features and functions. If you want to check out the cameras that support this gadget or you are simply looking for photography tutorials, make sure to check out CreativePhotoConnect. Without further ado, here is what you need to know about the Pluto Trigger before purchasing it.

General Features

First off, it is important to do a brief rundown of the device’s general features and what the average user can accomplish with it without delving too deep into its complexities:

• Custom DIY Input
• Infrared heat sensor – meaning you can undertake complex photography projects during the night
• Time Lapse
• Bulb mode control
• Lightning triggered – you can activate the camera by flashing a light in its direction, for example
• Timer – useful for long-term projects as the photographer can focus on setup and décor without having to micromanage the camera
• Has a sensor that is triggered by laser beams.

By using the official app that the company has developed for this device, you can trigger it with vibrations and even set up specific locational triggers, meaning that the camera will start shooting photographs when the user reaches a predetermined distance from the trigger. Other useful features consist of several calculators for depth of field, and night-day filter and a rule 500, which allows users to take pictures of the sky without star trails.

 Glass Shroom by Rodger Evans (Glass_Shroom by Rodger Evans)

Multi-Functional, Compatible and Compact

The Pluto Trigger is compatible with about 300 camera models from a wide variety of manufacturers, with more to be added in the near future. However, you will need a dedicated cable in order to connect the device to the camera, so make sure the package includes one. You can also buy the cable separately for about $5.

Contributing to the list of benefits is its compactness. The Pluto Trigger is small enough to fit inside a small pocket, but not to an extent that one could easily lose it while taking an evening stroll through the forest. Furthermore, the Pluto Trigger is intuitive, easy to use even for amateur photographers who are new to this field, and very easy to set up. Thus, if you encounter a once in a lifetime moment that you really want to immortalize – a double rainbow, the light falling into the lake in a peculiar angle, a lightning storm in full swing, a squirrel making a difficult jump, and so on and so forth, the Pluto Trigger will deliver in spades.

Pluto Trigger Setup and Downsides

As we have mentioned above, setting up a Pluto Trigger is arguably easier than other similar gadgets. All you need to do is connect the Pluto Trigger to the camera’s USB port, download the free app, and you are good to go. There is no tinkering with the Bluetooth settings, syncing or setting up various pin codes involved.

Another thing that sets the Pluto Trigger apart from other similar devices is the fact that it has no screen – which is the main reason why it is so small and compact. While some people might be put off by the lack of a screen, the app and the device itself are so well fleshed out and optimized that, frankly, another screen showing the same visual indicators would be a total waste of space. The app provides users with all the relevant information that they need.

However, the Pluto Trigger is far from perfect. Let us take a quick look at the places where this gadget falls short:

• The Pluto Trigger has a proprietary battery, meaning that you can’t swap them with a different model once the initial one dies.
• Some people might find that the gadget’s Bluetooth functionality has a smaller than average range.
• There are tons of free apps that calculate the depth of field, sunrise/sunset durations and offer ND filters that are probably better than those pushed by the Pluto Trigger. However, if you do not want to clutter your screen with additional apps, you can just as easily use the ones provided by Pluto.

On the other hand, these drawbacks are easily countered by the device’s low-price tag. For one hundred and nineteen dollars, you can get yourself a gadget that allows you to easily execute any novel photography project possible. And considering its many useful, well-implemented features, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Striking by Rodger Evans  (Striking by Rodger Evans)


The Pluto Trigger is a neat device that many photographers, regardless of experience, will find useful.

At USD119, this compact, easy to set up gadget provide users with the opportunity to accomplish a wide variety of novel photography projects. If you are in the market for a device of this type but you are not willing to spend a fortune, the Pluto Trigger is one of the best choices in this respect as it offers a lot of useful features at a relatively low price.

Check for more info and accessories the PlutoTrigger website.