Victa5Readers of this review site will have seen our previous article on the Victa 82V Rapid Trimmer. 

We were/are pretty enthusiastic about that quiet yet very capable unit and even more gushy about the Victa chainsaw in that same 82V product group.

Let me tell you why.

Better yet: I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.


For some background on the heart of this Victa system of cordless gardening tools, the 82V Lithium-Ion Briggs and Stratton battery, please have a quick read of our first instalment.

You’ll also read about the economics of owning several different units (consoles) with just 1 or 2 batteries in that article.

I’m not easy to impress when it comes to cordless tools. I’ve got a few fairly gutless small chainsaws which are OK for cutting off small branches. I also have a Stihl small petrol saw that has seen faithful service for more than two decades. It’s a powerful unit but noisy and messy. And cantankerous to start!

The Victa 82V sports an 18 inch Oregon bar and is beautifully balanced with the battery.
All up she weighs not even 6.5kg kg. And that’s lightweight.

Would she also be lightweight in the performance department?

The unit comes fully assembled – just charge up the battery for 30 mins while you read the manual and fill up the bar oil tank.
Guys don’t read manuals, I know, but I was looking for that adjustment tool for the sprocket cover lock nuts.

Only to find where Victa have hidden it, right underneath the handle. Very convenient indeed!

On the Cutting Edge

We started out conservatively with a few small cuts on a medium branch of redgum.


We quickly moved on to the biggest log on our property, measuring about 1800cm circumference and 600cm diameter.



My petrol saw would have difficulty with that one because of its smaller bar. The Victa flies through it!


Next we cut down some low hanging big branches of a tall Tassie blue gum.
Have a look at the next picture where you’ll see the damage we did in about 20 minutes, including cutting the huge branch in manageable sections for the tractor.


The chap who helped me out knows how to swing an axe and a chainsaw, having done some serious tree lopping.

He was mightily impressed! And so was I.

Last night our area experienced the biggest bushfires in recent history, whipped up by some huge wind gusts of around 100kmh.
It’s still not under control and will be a massive clean-up job.

Our paddocks are strewn with big branches ripped from the redgums.
There’s some more work for the Victa in the coming days…



What we really like about the Victa 82V Chainsaw so far:

• Easy start / stop
• Safety on switch and auto off with inertia activated chain brake which stops chain rotation during kickback
• Much less noise compared with petrol units (only 70dBA)
• No mess/smell from mixing and handling petrol
• Potentially cheaper when buying other units in the Victa range with fewer batteries
• Eco and neighbour friendly
• 5yr domestic warranty

Highly recommended!

The RRP for the Victa 82V Chainsaw is AUD449 and just 299 bucks for just the unit without battery and charger.
Bunnings is a good place to have a look at the Victa range.

And for more info on the 82V range check out Victa’s website
Please note: the Chainsaw is currently not listed due to a recent safety recall which has since been rectified. Stocks should be in most stores however.

Next time we’ll review the 82V Mower in this Victa line-up.