Prima Cases Nicole Miller
Today I’m interviewing two female staff members who were the happy recipients of a couple of Nicole Miller fashion accessories, crafted by Prima Cases.
Having reviewed numerous luxury leather cases over the years you tend to become a little bit blasé about these things but I knew Prima were on to something special when I observed the ladies’ reaction at the unboxing. 

The Where did you get that?  reactions from their girlfriends also affirmed here was something out of the ordinary in our fashion conscious society.



 Prima Cases Nicole Miller
 First a disclaimer: Prima Cases wanted us to review some of their products and we agreed to welcome them aboard the DigitalReviews Network as sponsors. 

For many years Piel Frama had been our main luxury leather case sponsor so we were used to high quality protective gear for our digital lifestyle. 

Our main concern was would Prima be able to match that quality? 

That’s what we are finding out today. And just the fact that we have sponsors doesn’t mean we always write what they wanna hear. If a product sucks you need to know…

Just checked my Van Dale Dutch dictionary for the word “prima”.  It means: the first as well as the finest or the best when talking about quality. Also: particularly good.
Sometimes it helps in knowing another language to find out the origin of a word!  It also sets the stage for a high expectation…


Prima Cases Nicole Miller

The Problem – The Solution

We blokes got it easy: most leather cases will fit on your belt within easy reach for when the phone rings.  It is a known fact that ladies who carry their phone in their cluttered handbags miss almost half the calls!  I have observed so many ladies rummaging around frantically in their survival bags only to finally hold up a now silent phone in frustration!  There must be an easier way to carry your phones around…

Don’t think for a moment that it is only girls who want to make a fashion statement.  We guys do it with the latest technology in our hands whereas the gals are more likely to show off their handbags.  So how about making a little handbag for your Treo or iPhone?

I must confess I had not heard of the name Nicole Miller before but obviously she has a good eye for what a case like that should look like. Our staff members selected these two handbags from the extensive collection of Prima Cases so they knew what to expect. Yet, the reality can be different from the expectation. That can work in either direction. We like it when we are pleasantly surprised at the unboxing ceremony and even more so when, having used the item over several weeks, the joy continues…

Our reviewers found the quality outstanding, the colours very fashionable and the design a definite hit.
These elegant cases can easily accommodate most phones and have a protective cotton fabric lining and sometimes also a magnetic latching strap such as with the belt-buckled, Nubuck-leathered or smoke-greyed case.
What’s more: the cases are just big enough to hold some lipstick and an ID card as well!

Info Central

Here is something else I learned, this time from the KIWI guys who have been caring for shoes for over a century: Nubuck is prepared by roughening the surface of leather – almost always the outside of leather. It has a nap of short protein fibers and is quite resistant to stains and wear. Suede is (almost always) prepared by roughening the inside of leather. This causes a longer nap of protein fibers, which are, unless treated, very absorbent, easy to stain and easily damaged in normal wear.
There you go! We’re not just into reviewing products but also educating you (and me!) on things that matter…

The other case, the cordovan one, is made of beige canvas with a pleated front and a brown suede leather strap.
I believe that the name cordovan comes from the Spanish town of Cordoba where they used to tan goatskins. And of course cordovan shoe leather is regarded as one of the most luxurious and durable leathers available (Don’t you love Wikipedia for all that useful background info?)

This case is open at the top but most phones will fit snugly and not fall out whilst wildly gyrating on the dance floor. We felt that we did not need test this as normal physics would dictate that gyroscopic forces would keep everything in place.

Prima Cases Nicole Miller
The Nicole Miller cases are particularly useful when you’re going out at night and you just want to take the most essential piece of survival gear with you: your cell phone.

Nothing else matters. You trust your companion for that evening to carry a wallet (his, preferably), car keys, Minties, pepper spray and Kleenex…

I suppose from a guy’s perspective this can work even though I would draw the line at carrying a box of Kleenex, no matter what movie we go to!


It is fair to say that we are stoked with the quality and presentation of the Nicole Miller line of Prima Cases. 

Its an inexpensive way to make a fashion statement in a very practical manner. 

Click on the link below to see what I mean by inexpensive (these were just a fraction under 30 bucks) and to check out the range, designs and colours.