Silicon Power Class 10 SDHC

Well good as their word the Australian Silicon Power distributor sent us a 16GB Class 10 SDHC to try. Mind you the word around the traps was that this new card should solve all our memory card access problems in our High Definition Sanyo Xacti VPC-FH1 Camcorder.

Anyway lets see how it went!. 

After putting the card in we did a full format just to assist compatibility (leastways, that’s what the camera manual says to do) we proceeded to take Full High Definition 1920 x 1080i and 1920 x 1080p videos.  We also mixed in some continuous shots and a large number of 12 mega pixel stills, yet we experienced absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Not once did the camera stumble and whilst we had no measurement device, we felt that the camera was pretty much faster all round.  Increased smoothness and speed were particularly noticeable when using continuous shooting in high resolution stills and in high resolution video recording and playback.  It was also apparent that recorded loading times was shorter when compared with the previous chain store Class 6 SDHC (when it was working).

We deleted “saves” and took more photos and videos, not once experiencing any issues at all.  However, with the previous Class 6 SDHC bought at a large chain store, we had memory issue problems within the first ten minutes and all in all had to do three formats for collectively about 12 x mega pixel stills, 20 continuous shots and 45 minutes of video.  After replacing the Class 6 chain store memory card with the Silicon Class 10, we doubled the amount of overall storage of photos and videos yet had no failures or camera glitches whatsoever.

Continuous photo shoot, suited for DSLR or digital cameras
High capacity and compatibility
Compatible with Class 10 transfer standards
Compatible with SD Association compliant devices
Dimension: 24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm
Weight: 2g
Durability plug and pull test at least 10,000
Working voltage: 2.7V ~ 3.6V
Operating temperature: -25C~85C
Storage temperature: -40C~85C
Humidity: 8% to 95%
Warranty: Lifetime

• Continuous photo shoot, suited for DSLR or digital cameras
• High capacity and compatibility
• Compatible with Class 10 transfer standards
• Compatible with SD Association compliant devices

Read/Write Specs

Indicative performance comparison
       4GB/8GB/16GB                  32GB

Class 6   Read   13~18MB              18.8(Max)
                  Write      6~11MB      10.8(Max)

Class 10 Read  17~18MB                Na
                  Write  11~15MB         Na

The speed (read/write) of products will be affected by different testing devices, software and testing platforms.

We believe that we can confidently state that this particular camera has issues with some brands of Class 6 memory cards, and whilst not actually tested we are of the understanding that Class 6 Silicon Power SDHC also works fine.

The tested product, Class 10 Silicon Power cards work faultlessly and allows camera operation to be considerably smoother, but whether they perform as well in all other types of cameras we are unable to say.

You would think that if they work in the “fussy” Sanyo you could almost bet they will work fine in all of the other cameras that are likely to be less discerning.