tegatechDon’t you just love those fingerprint magnets? Gadgets that come with glossy piano-black  exteriors and get smudged every time you even look at them…
Take my HTC Touch Diamond. The name even implies it wants to be touched, yet my DNA evidence is all over that magnificent screen!
Our friends at Tegatech, purveyors of all gadget-goodness that have screens on them, faced the same problem — until they came across a product that is simply called Clean Screen and so they bought the company.
That’s probably not true but they were so enamoured with the results that they wanted us to try it too…
Here’s what happened.

We look at screens all day long. That’s our work here at DigitalReviews Network.
So much so that our eye balls have lost their roundness and have taken on the 4:3 shape of our monitors (and lately I’ve noticed they are morphing to the more elongated 16:9 dimensions…)
I hate it when my own glasses get dirty and I clean them religiously a few times a day.
Can you imagine what it is to stare at grimy, smudgy computer screens? Or to look at a TV screen when it is off and all you see is the detritus of modern life, statically and fatally attracted to its blackness?

So a product like Clean Screen will find a good home here, I thought.
Hugo’s gift came as a twin pack, each bottle enough to last a lifetime — unless you’re as fastidious as we are.
Two times 125ml of liquid grime fighter stuff, and a microfibre cloth for both.
First up, I attacked my ASUS notebook. Cleaned the top half only and showed the result to my wife. Now we had to tussle for the bottle as she wanted to do all our windows with it as well.
I am exaggerating but the result is astoundingly clear and the photo below does not do justice.




Next were all the other screens and monitors in the office and house. It’s amazing how many displays a modern household has and I don’t even have a plasma screen! My liberal use of the magic stuff hardly made a dent so my spare bottle went to my Webmeister who often repairs notebooks for clients as a favour.


Now he can give them that extra shine as part of the service.


We all know the feeling we get when we put our car in for a service and our pride and joy gets returned to us all clean and shiny.


If you must, you can read the specs below. Yes, it’s safe on all manner of screens. Yes, it smells (but only just a bit of non-alcoholic freshness).


Yes, it does have no streaks, smudges or resifue at touted in the features list.

(I did look for that elusive


but could not find it — it didn’t even have any residue… 🙂 )


If I entrust my camera lenses to Tegatech’s Clean Screen, it’s gotta be safe and good.


For the 125TWIN-CLEAN pack (=250ml) you pay less than 45 bucks which is a much better deal than the 20 buckaroos for the 60ml bottle.


So go ahead and splurge and keep Australia clean! (At least it will look cleaner…)


Visit them at tegatech.com.au and see what they are really on about.


I’m probably cheeky to suggest they should bundle a bottle with every UMPC or touch tablet that they sell but this is a most needed accessory.

From the Tegatech website:



Clean Screen advantages:


# Our product is completely environmentally friendly product, non toxic and non flammable.


# high quality product that gives tangible results unlike many cheaper products available on the market.


# completely Australian made and owned.


# simple and easy to use.No streaks! No smudge! No resifue!


# recommended for use on all major brands.


# does NOT contain solvents or other harsh chemicals like Alcohol, Ammonia, Acetone, Ethanol, Glycol and Toluene.


[All of the above chemicals damage screens especially LCD and plasma screens. The screens will deteriorate significantly if any of the above chemicals are used on the screen’s surface.]

Use Tegatech Clean Screen on:

UMPC, Tablet PC, Touchscreens, Kiosks, Plasmas, TV, Computer Screens, PDA’s, Optical Lenses, Cameras, Scanners, Telescopes, Microscopes, Spectacles, Goggles, Mirrors, CDs & DVDs, Plasma Screens, Flat Screens, Binoculars, iPods, iPhones, Precision Optics, Copiers, GPS Screens, Portable DVD Screens, Laser Discs, Plastics, Acrylics, Glass, Lighting Cases, Face Shields, Instruments, Coated & Multicoated Lenses, Fish Finders, Radars, Sonars, Sunglasses, Touch Screens, Fibre Optics, White Boards, X-ray Equipment, Fish Tanks, etc…..