Tool Logic SL SeriesNot long ago Digital Reviews Network took some time out from playing with technology to check out some gadgets for the great outdoors. 

With many thanks to Tool Logic, we can now bring you a review of the Tool Logic SL Series.


First Impression
The Tool Logic SL series is shipped in an aluminium case.  For some reason I expected a bigger package, perhaps it is because I was impressed by the photos on their website.  Inside the Tool Logic SL rests in foam insert, along with a small pamphlet with brief instructions on how to use the tool.

Tool Logic SL Series InsertsTool Logic kindly shipped two different flavours for this review.  The body of the SL3 and the SL Pro are quite similar with the latter being heavier.  The two tools also came with different inserts, the SL3 had the magnesium alloy fire starter insert, the SL Pro had the LED torch and fire starter insert.  Additionally the SL Pro came with a spare set of batteries for the torch.

Test drive
The SL series fits naturally into the hand and is comfortable to hold.  It feels beautifully balanced, with the balance point just a little behind the folding joint where your forefinger will naturally rest.  The blade is locked in the fully extended position by a "frame lock", where the frame is bend inwards to lock the end of the blade.  Pushing this plate to the side unlocks the blade allowing it to be folded.  The cutting edge is 7.6 cm (3") in length with a 50/50 serrated blade.

The magnesium alloy fire starter insert strikes a shower of spark at the first stroke of the blade, even when tested in the (rather welcomed) cold November rain here in Melbourne.  The insert is very firmly held in the top of the handle and (at least when brand new) can be slightly difficult to extract.

The LED torch / fire starter insert has a shorter fire starter component to accommodate the batteries for the torch.  The white LED itself is reasonably bright and is sufficient to light up at least 3 metres.  I expect it to be used more as an emergency light within an enclosed area or short distances rather than a replacement for a full size torch such as a Maglite.  The LED module is watertight for shallow immersion or use in wet conditions.

The whistle built into the back of the handle is piercingly loud even with a soft breath.

The SL3 weighs in at 84 g, in comparison the SL Pro weighs in at a heavier 122 g.  There is a built-in clip on the back for attaching to a belt.

Other information
Tool Logic blades are typically made with a medium carbon stainless steel called 420J2.  According to Tool Logic, this particular steel composition offers a good balance between edge holding and resistance to rust.

Tool Logic SL Series OpenThe majority of Tool Logic’s products are made in Seki in the Gifu Perfecture, the traditional centre of knife and sword making in Japan.

The Tool Logic SL Series is beautifully made and balanced.  Aside from that I can think of a dozen situations where the SL would have been ideal for me, not the least all those times of trying to get a fire started in the wind and rain.  With the silly season not far away, the Tool Logic SL Series makes for a perfect gift for an outdoors man or woman.

The SL3 Fire is available for USD$37.95; the SL Pro for Outdoors is available in Silver for USD$59.95 or Tactical Black for USD$64.95.  All can be purchased directly from Tool Logic here.