Ultra Micro Trojan T28At the time of writing this article, the Parkzone Ultra Micro Trojan is the hottest contender for “best beginner plane” of the year award. We have selected and reviewed 21 planes over a five month period and by using a grid for grading the different strengths and weaknesses of each plane hope that the review due for release in ten days time will prove invaluable to people in the remote control plane business The article is the largest of it’s kind ever done and all planes have been assessed relative to each other, giving far greater accuracy than comparing planes written by different reviewers.

We have, to date, spent five months putting the article together and it is currently not on schedule but will be published on this site during the third week of November 2010. But enough on what’s coming up, let’s tell you about how fantastic this little plane is!

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Whats in the boxThe Ultra Micro Trojan plane was selected by us from the vast diverse supply of planes available from www.rchobbies.com.au. But I must confess that I didn’t expect it to completely surpass my expectations. I should have seen it coming though, as big brother, the Parkzone Trojan T28D, under test conditions was found to be a superb plane and may also be a winner of it’s class (see review on this site). 

This little plane comes as RTF or BNF and we obtained the RTF. The battery position is the same as the popular Hobbyzone Champ (also reviewed previously on this site) and in fact you could use the same battery as it has marginally more capacity -150Mah. All we had to do to go flying was to install the landing gear which took us all of 45 seconds. You could leave it off and hand launch if you preferred.
Tx and charger

PIC TX & Charger
Put in the supplied four “AA” batteries and you immediately have the fully operational 2.4 GHz TX DSM2 technology. Flick a switch to the Mode you want, Mode 1 or Mode 2, select high or low rates (just press the control stick down) and the red LED blinking indicates the rate you are on. It is so good that for once I do not see any advantage in using an upspeced TX such as the DX6i or DX8.

An excellent fully portable charger powered by four AA batteries with fool proof battery plug in.

• Comes out of the box completely assembled with Spektrum AR6400 6-Channel DSM2 Receiver/ESC/Servos Unit installed
• Full 4 channel control – throttle, aileron, elevator and rudder
• Everything you need to get flying comes in the box – even the batteries
• ParkZone 2.4GHz transmitter featuring Spektrum DSM2 technology, 120 mAh LiPo Battery, and DC Charger included
• Landing gear features a steerable nose wheel and can easily be removed for a “retracted gear” look

Type:    Aeroplanes
Wingspan:    16.8 in (426mm)
Overall Length:    13.5 in (343mm)
Flying Weight:    1.3 oz (38.0g)
Motor Size:    8mm Brushed
Prop Size:    130mm x 70mm
Scale:    Ultra Micro
Recommended Environment:    Indoor/Outdoor
Recommended Battery:    3.7V 120mAh 1S LiPo
Experience Level:    Intermediate
Is Assembly Required:    No
Minimum Age Recommendation:    14 years
Retracts:    No
Steering:    Yes
Throttle:    Yes
Aileron:    Yes
Elevator:    Yes
Flaps:    No
Rudder:    Yes
Approximate Flying Duration:    6 minutes
CG (center of gravity):    32mm back from LE at root
Ready to go

Build Quality

As usual with the Hobbyzone/Parkzone, the build quality was good. If you want to treat it rough, then get a couple of carbon fibre strips to put along the wings longitudinally for a bit more strength, especially for very high winds like I have been flying in. The plane required NO fine tuning and flew just great straight out of the box. I might add that 14 crashes later, it still flies great. Don’t be concerned that this little plane has a geared drive for we have experienced no trouble whatsoever with the power train or elevators, rudder or ailerons.

The most we have had to do was to retape the nose after our many crashes in the high winds during the tests to find it’s ceiling in wind handling capabilities.

Up thereMaiden Flight
We have seldom been more impressed with an aeroplane. Remember we have not altered it or had to do anything other than charge the battery and put on the undercarriage (45 secs). This little plane is so good! Any bad points that we found within the review done on the Hobbyzone Champ do not exist in the Parkzone Ultra Micro Trojan. It has a huge amount of power and where the Hobbyzone Champ couldn’t make it home in a 2 km/h wind, this little “tacker” powers back in a 12 km/h wind, albeit that it darts around a bit and you need to work the ailerons hard. It flies okay in up to 10 km/h and I did really test its maximum and found it couldn’t get back in a 23 km/h wind.  The advantage with this plane for beginners is, that if you crash it, as long as you shut the motor down it just doesn’t break.

Trojan T28 Ultra Micro, take offConclusion
I think everyone should have one of these – beginners, intermediates and experts alike. You can take it anywhere, fly it anywhere and it’s so easy to pack. It’s fast and predictable and will fly in winds that many larger planes cannot handle. Looking for a Christmas present? Then this is it. It can be located at www.rchobbies.com.au and at a RRP of $159 AUD all up, just buy it you won’t regret it.