Backed by two decades of expertise in the home cleaning industry, Tineco is a leading the way in hard floor cleaning and has become the go-to choice for hard floor vacuums in Australia.
At DRN we have tested and reviewed a few Tineco units, and the consensus amongst the editors is that they are fantastic. Even our super jaded Sime sings the praises of his review unit, now that is saying something.

It is not everyday that you can get a few dollars off a Tineco but with the Amazon Big Smiles Sale until 24 March 2024, this is your chance to save some coin on these amazing units.

iFloor 5 | $539 (10% off RRP$599) [price edited 21 March 2024] | At Amazon Australia

Effortlessly handle both wet and dry messes with iFloor 5, eliminating the need for multiple cleaning steps including sweeping and then mopping like traditional cleaning. Its innovative dual-tank system ensures clean and dirty water stay separate, and the continuous cleaning with fresh water and solution ensures pristine floors. Designed for various sealed hard floors such as hardwood, tile, marble, and laminate, the iFloor 5 leaves floors dry and streak-free within moments. Plus, its hands-free self-cleaning feature simplifies maintenance, ensuring automatic cleaning from rollers to tubing with one button press, so you don’t need to get your hands dirty. Thanks to its centrifugal drying mechanism, the roller remains dry and ready for your next cleaning session.

Tineco iFloor5


FLOOR ONE S5 Steam | $449 (36% off RRP $699) | At Amazon Australia

FLOOR ONE S5 Steam is a smart Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Mop that utilizes the power of steam for cleaning Hard Floors. The high temperature steam melts away stuck-on grease and stains, leaving your floors sparkling clean. With its powerful suction and steam cleaning technology, the Tineco Floor One S5 Steam can remove dirt, dust, debris and eliminate bacteria from your floors. Featuring Tineco’s proprietary iLoop Smart Sensor Technology, this advanced cleaner automatically adjusts suction power, brush roller speed, and fresh water flow for incredibly efficient cleaning. The steam self-cleaning also cleans and sanitizes the brush head after use, for odor-free maintenance. Easy to use and manoeuvre, makes it perfect for cleaning large spaces.



FLOOR ONE S6 | $629 (30% off RRP$899) [price edited 21 March 2024] | At Amazon Australia

The Tineco Floor One S6 is a versatile vacuum and floor washer all in one. Whether you’re dealing with wet or dry messes, stubborn sticky spills, or routine cleaning tasks, this vacuum can handle it all, making your cleaning routine easier and more efficient. The Floor One S6 is equipped with the unique MHCBSTM System, ensuring a consistently clean brush roller by efficiently clearing away debris and expelling dirty water with suction power adjusted in real time. Maintenance is a breeze with its self-cleaning cycle, which deep-cleans the brush roller and tubing, preventing mold and bacteria growth. The enhanced dual-sided edge cleaning, paired with Tineco’s iLoop Smart Sensor Technology, ensures thorough and hassle-free cleaning, as it detects messes and adjusts suction power, roller speed, and water levels for optimal performance and extended battery runtime. So, say goodbye to missed spots and hello to a cleaner home with the Tineco Floor One S6.

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PURE ONE S15 | $449 (36% off RRP $699) | At Amazon Australia

Featuring Tineco’s proprietary ZeroTangle brush head, the new vacuum significantly simplifies maintenance and improves the overall cleaning experience for users. Featuring Tineco Pure Cyclone technology, S15 powerfully separates air and dust to avoid pre-filter clogging or suction loss. This guarantees strong and reliable suction. With iLoop Smart Sensor Technology, the PURE ONE S15 series automatically adjust suction power according to the mess, improving the cleaning efficiency.

Tineco PureOne S15

iFLOOR3 | $359 (35% off RRP $549) | At Amazon Australia

Lightweight Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner that vacuums and washes floors at the same time, iFLOOR3 leaves the floor clean, dry, and streak-free. In just one click, the unit auto-cleans the brush roller and the tube with fresh water and detergent, making the machine clean and ready for the next use. Featuring a low noise, brushless digital 150W motor and using unique materials that reduce noise, the iFloor3 is ideal for use around children and pets.

Tineco iFloor3

FLOOR ONE S3 | $425 (35% off RRP$649) | At Amazon Australia

FLOOR ONE S3 is a smart vacuum and wash system. It features a powerful brush roller that cleans tough, sticky messes better than traditional mops. Suction power and water flow are automatically adjusted, leaving floors instantly dry and streak-free. The all-in-one LED Display Screen monitors cleaning progress, performance, battery levels and much more. The helpful interface prompts and maintenance reminders provide a complete and intelligent cleaning experience. The FLOOR ONE S3’s smart sensor knows just how much power to use to clean messes, and auto-adjusts power, water flow and suction accordingly. No battery power is wasted, resulting in longer runtime up to 35 minutes. The appliance features precision air channels and housed in materials that reduce noise. The lightweight, cordless body allows you to move freely and easily maneuver up and down stairs and into every corner for complete clean in the tight space.


PWRHERO 11 Snap | $199 (38% off RRP$319) | At Amazon Australia

Lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around the house with up to 40 minutes uninterrupted run time, it is suitable for big cleaning jobs. It features a large dustbin with 0.6L capacity, so you can clean bigger spaces for longer and is suitable for everyday cleaning on carpets, hardwood floors, tile, and more

Tineco Pwrhero11 Snap