My inner “Sadie the Cleaning Lady” got very excited to receive the Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Series smart cordless floor washer! I love testing new products that claim to make cleaning easier and guarantee exceptional results. To push this product to its limits, I made sure my teenaged sons made a mess of cooked in my kitchen prior to me sweeping in to clean up after them (pun fully intended!).

The Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Series smart cordless floor washer has a sleek compact design. It comes packaged in a large box illustrated with images of the product. The packaging inside holds the product securely, ensuring safe delivery of the floor washer.

Upon un-boxing, you’ll be required to assemble the floor washer. This is a fairly straight forward process and quite intuitive. The handle only inserts one way, so you can’t get it wrong. The unit is black and white in colour, and combined with its charging/cleaning station is not too bulky.

Included with the floor washer are the base, the charging cord and adaptor, instruction manual, storage cups to attach to the base, spare dry filter, two spare brush rollers, a cleaning tool, and a bottle of liquid deodorising & cleaning solution.


Tineco Floor One S6 Pro patiently waiting to do some hard work.

What sparkled

Set up & operation

Set up was easy and efficient. Assembly tips are located on page 31 of the instruction manual, followed by the operation instructions. Operating the floor washer is simplle. Simply press the on button on the curved handle and the unit will light up with the ‘Tineco’ logo and a voice will announce ‘auto mode’. From here you can start cleaning, or you can switch between the cleaning modes using the button above the on/off button.

It took me about ten minutes to get used to not pushing down on the unit like I would if I was using a conventional wet mop. Once I made the mental leap to think of the unit like operating a vacuum, using the floor washer was easy.


The S6 Pro Series has 4 cleaning modes – AUTO, MAX, ULTRA & SUCTION. To switch between modes, simply depress the button above the power button. The display screen will light up with the mode you are using, and the voice will state which mode you are in.

When in AUTO mode the display screen’s iLoop will light up blue while the sensor automatically detects dirt. The iLoop glows red dependant on the presence of dirt. The iLoop will then return to glow blue once the dirt has been cleaned from the floor, or there is minimal presence of dirt found. In AUTO mode the unit will decide an appropriate amount of cleaner and water to apply.

In MAX mode, it is as the name suggests. The unit operates to maximum cleaning and suction functionality. It will spray water and cleaning/deodorising solution to stubborn stains.

Switching to ULTRA mode, the unit takes 30 seconds to prepare the area before you are able to begin cleaning. This is generally used for highly stained spots or for deep cleaning.

Lastly, the SUCTION mode is used for already wet areas. The role of this mode is very simply to suction up any residual water on the floor surface.

Another handy cleaning function is the ‘self cleaning’ cycle. The unit will verbally prompt you to run a self cleaning cycle, and the display panel will also provide a visual suggestion. Simply pop the unit back on to the charging base and the completion of the cycle the brush roller is beautifully clean and ready to roll!


Digital display tells you where the unit is in the cleaning cycle.

Powerful Suction

The Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Series boasts powerful suction, capable of efficiently cleaning various types of flooring. I tested this hard floor cleaner on Karndean Looselay vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles and polished, hardwood flooring. The motorised brush effectively lifted food, dirt and debris from the three surfaces I tested. The soft brush roller cleans effectively, without marking any of the surfaces I cleaned.

I was really pleased with how clean the unit left the floors. Where there were stubborn marks from school shoes or dropped hobby paint (because teenagers seem to believe you clean paint brushes in the kitchen sink, not the laundry sink #insert silent screams here!) ULTRA mode made light work of eliminating those marks. I really appreciated that drying time was very quick, and that the floors did not have a left over, residual feel of cleaner on them.


Noise: I have never used a powered floor washer before trialling the Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Series. I can only compare the noise of the unit to the noise of my handheld stick Dyson vacuum. The noise was comparable. I truly was surprised at how quiet it was. I could easily hear my Spotify playlist over the sound of the unit, and I am confident that if one of the teens was actually studying the noise would not bother them at all.

Weight: The unit has some weight to it (approx 4.5kg). This caught me off guard at first as my conventional mop and stick vacuum are both very light. The unit is self propelling which makes up for the weight. However, for someone with a condition that effects their ability to lift, hold or manipulate appliances with some weight to them, I think that this floor washer might not be right for them.

Accessibility: An accessibility feature I did appreciate is the water tank. The tank cap is located at the top, but on an angle on the side of the tank. This means that if your tap spout is low or you have a shallow sink, you can tilt the tank to its side to fill as opposed to having to stand it fully upright. I loved this feature.

Long Battery Life

Before using initially, ensure you put the unit on the charging station for 4hours.

The battery life of the Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Series is adequate. Again, not having owned or used a floor washer like this before, I am unable to comment on the battery life in comparison to others on the market. However, when I used the AUTO setting exclusively, I got about 35 minutes of mopping time. This is comparable to my stick vacuum on the normal setting.

When using the floor washer on MAX or ULTRA settings the battery time lessens.


Digital display indicates recharge level.

Multi-Stage Filtration

The Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Series features a multi-stage filtration system, including a HEPA filter, which helps to trap dust, allergens, and other airborne particles, contributing to cleaner indoor air quality. The unit comes with a spare filter, which is handy and appreciated.


What sucked

Water tank capacity

The water tank and dirty water capacity are larger than other floor washers on the market. However, just as I was getting in the swing of things the unit’s voice would tell me to empty the dirty water tank or to refill the clean water. Whilst these verbal and visual prompts are useful, I did find myself getting frustrated by the frequency with which I had stop to top up or empty water. Or perhaps it is an indication that I need to clean my floors more regularly!

The instruction manual specifically states not to recline the unit more than 142° as the water tank will leak. I found this frustrating when mopping the hardwood floors under my bed. Our bed has low timber side raids that the floor washer cannot clear. This required me to pull the bed around the room so I could mop under that entirety of the bed.

Cleaning/deodorising fluid

At one point the thought crossed my mind about how much cleaning/deodorising fluid I was going through. The user guide indicates one cap-full per clean water tank refill. I am not sure whether other floor cleaning/deodorising liquids can be used in the unit. I couldn’t find that information in the user manual or on the website.

Smart Features

The Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Series comes with smart features like app connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor the vacuum through your smartphone. This includes functions like scheduling cleaning sessions and tracking battery life. Downloading the app was easy. The difficulty came when adding a device. For whatever reason I couldn’t connect the unit via the QR code or barcode. After many attempts, I gave up. Upon reflection it could be a something as simple as my phone (an OPPO) not being compatible. If that is the case, I am not going to get a newer phone to enable with wifi connectivity. The unit works perfectly without it.

Unit and appliances included in the box.


The verdict

I really enjoyed testing this hard floor cleaner. For me, the fact that the floors felt beautifully clean under foot once dry is a huge win! I loved the self-propelling function, I loved the self cleaning cycle. Once I got the hang of it, I found it super easy to use. No more wringing out mops and sloshing heavy buckets of water around as I clean.

The price of $899 might put some off, particularly for the budget conscious. However, I have my suspicions that this hard floor washer will last a very long time. At the time of publishing Amazon has a $100 off coupon for this unit.

For specs and to purchase the Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Series head online to the Tineco website. Clicking on the link will take the consumer to JB HiFi.

With thanks to Tineco, from “Sadie the (satisfied) Cleaning Lady”!