Powerex Precharged familyMaha Energy, the maker of Powerex and and Imedion batteries have long been a staple in many photographers’ bags. Now they have combined the best features of these two lines and launched the new Powerex Precharged line.

The Powerex Precharged batteries are shipped pre-charged from the factory. The low self-discharge characteristics from the Imedion line means it is ready to be used as soon as they arrive. The ultra-high capacity from the Powerex line means you can go for longer between charges. Maha Energy claims this new line of batteries will retain up to 85% of its charge even after a year of storage. If the original Powerex is any indication, this is no empty boast.

DigitalReviews.Net will be getting our hands on these soon for a comprehensive review.


Powerex Precharged