If you’re like me, you might have a small desk for work or a bigger (but messier) desk for work and hobbies. It’s always a challenge to find a way to fit an iPad propped up somewhere when I want to use it as an extra screen or as my primary screen at times, especially when I’m painting or crafting.

I’ve tried cases and mini stands that don’t take up much space but don’t quite do what I need so I end up rigging something that kind of works, kind of doesn’t, if that makes sense?

Then I got my hands on the HoverBar Duo (second generation) from twelve south and I think I may have found my solution.

HoverBar Duo 2nd Generation


The HoverBar Duo from twelve south is designed to be your go-to desktop stand for iPad, tablets and even some mobile phones (although I’ve just used it with my old-school iPad). It’s adjustable in so many ways that it fits tight spaces and clamps onto desks or shelves easily. It comes with a desktop stand and a shelf clamp and it’s pretty much good to go from the box – which is brilliant for me as I’m pretty much useless with anything that requires assembly.

The weighted desktop stand has some serious heft to it, which I was skeptical about initially but it’s really well designed and perfect when you’re using it. The weight is designed to counter balance your tablet so there’s no chance of anything tipping over or falling. It’s set and forget.

Twelve South Hoverbar Duo


When you open the box, you’re immediately greeted with the instruction booklet – good thinking on twelve south’s part to make sure people actually read the instructions. The package includes the iPad clip, desk base, shelf clamp and two hex wrenches (which I’ve always called Allen keys) which you can use for tightening the arm if you need to adjust it at any stage. I didn’t find I needed them because the arm was adjustable enough for me without more manual adjustment but it’s always good to have the option. I like that everything is included in the box from the get-go. The iPad clip comes with a QuickSwitch tab which makes going from the desk stand to the shelf clamp really easy to do (once you figure out which direction it slides, which, in my case, was two attempts. Most people though, will be able to look at it and get it straight away.)

Twelve South Hoverbar Duo


My go-to set-up at the moment is using the weighted desk base on my art desk and using my iPad horizontally so I can watch art tutorials and paint or draw at the same time. It keeps the screen at a good height and still gives you space on your desk, no matter how compact your set-up might be. The shelf clamp is perfect for attaching to a bookcase or shelf and setting up a perfect height for a video call – it’s always better to have the screen at eye level to avoid the ‘up the nose’ angle. With the HoverBar Duo, it’s really easy to set the perfect height and look your best.

If you have a Mac set up with Sidecar, you can also easily position your iPad a a second screen with the HoverBar Duo in horizontal position (or in portrait mode, heaven forbid), or even set up a wireless keyboard and use your iPad as a workstation in a fully ergonomically set up.

Twelve South Hoverbar Duo


Another great use for the HoverBar Duo is in the kitchen. If you use the shelf clamp, you can easily set it up near the stove to refer to recipes or timing as you’re cooking – or just FaceTime your favourite person and have a chat while stirring the pasta sauce, for example! It’s one of those things that works just as well in or out of a tech space – it’s fast becoming a household item here.

If you’re in the market for an iPad/tablet stand, check out the HoverBar Duo from twelve south. It’s solid, well made, sleek and may quickly become a staple on your desk, as it has become on mine. The HoverBar Duo 2nd Generation is available for purchase from twelvesouth.com.au for AUD$139.99, whilst the HoverBar Duo 1st Generation is available for the new low price of AUD$99.95.