MasqIn this unprecedented time in human history, when millions of people resort to wearing masks against an invisible enemy, a powerful and invisible enemy from another dimension has been wearing a mask for thousands of years, hiding his identity and intentions.

That paragraph could be the intro to a science fiction story or a fanciful telling of a conspiracy theory in the style of many such fake accounts that float around the internet.

However… if you know Carl Gallups, who is a former law enforcement officer, with direct investigations experience, as well as a senior pastor, you might gather that these two professions are always in search of the truth – how unpalatable the truth may turn out to be.
And with that detective background comes the thoroughness and perseverance to collect all the evidence that will stand up in a court of law.

I first encountered Carl’s methodical approach in a fascinating book he wrote about the most revered Rabbi in the past 100 years who left an encrypted message for his students about who the long-awaited Messiah would be. The resulting bombshell still divides the Jewish nation…

Similarly, in his just released book by Defender Publishing, MasqueradePrepare for the Greatest Con Job in History – Gallups takes the masks off the most ridiculed and scoffed at being in man’s history.
And being portrayed as a mythological creature, being ridiculed suits him fine: it’s one of his many masks.

He was there from the very beginning of the human story and influenced everything we know from history and what we are witnessing in this crazy world today. And behind the scenes he’s even more responsible for everything that’s going on and what is going to be unleashed on a totally unprepared world.

Who is this being?

The cover of the book doesn’t give much away and I don’t like to give spoilers either so I’ll just hint at a couple of his lesser known names: Nachash, Apollyon and Abaddon.
Just look up these names and you quickly get a fair idea who this being is.

What you may not realise though is how far-reaching and deep his influence is to destroy everything you love and hold dear.

I think that before 2020 is behind us, you will have a much clearer view of the effects of his modus operandi.
To be better prepared (and have a fighting chance to survive what’s coming at us) you need to read Masquerade.
Yes, it does have hundreds of footnotes, providing source and background material for the evidence Gallups uncovers.

However the book – like his many other books – is very easy to read and a real page turner.
Gallups is a gifted story teller. No wonder he is in Amazon’s Top 60 best-selling list of critically acclaimed authors.

Masquerade by Carl Gallups can be bought from Amazon as well as directly from Defender Publishing for less than 20 dollars. Also in Kindle format.

And if you like to do a lot of reading you might check out the SHADOWLAND Ultimate Collection of which Masquerade is one of the books offered.

PS Next on my reading and review list is SHADOWLAND by Dr Tom Horn.

It’s similarly just out and a great companion book to Masquerade as it also deals with behind the scene operators – collectively known as the Deep State.