InvisibleShieldProtecting your Gadgets

Why would you write a glowing review about a product that you can’t even see? That’s precisely the point: you can’t see it but it does have the very important job of protecting the shiny gadgets that you don’t want to get scratched.

And that’s why they call it the InvisibleSHIELD.

I have put it to good use on two of my most treasured devices, my Nokia N80 and iPAQ 4700. 

Let’s see how we went.

It’s not the first time that I’ve dabbled in protective plastic to keep the touch screen of my PDA scratch free.  I’ve had mixed success.  The one that I got from Piel Frama was very effective in blocking everything including tapping on the screen.  So that came off in a hurry as a whole point of a touch screen is that it is sensitive to your touch. However, the Piel Frama leather case does a superb job of encasing my iPAQ safely and handsomely. No further protection is really needed here. Most of the time anyway.

But my Nokia cell phone, being unprotected in my pockets, suffered severely from key rash and I was determined not to let this happen again with my new N80.

InvisibleShieldInvisibleShieldInvisibleShieldThe folks at ShieldZone were kind enough to send me a couple of packages with their mystery material that would forever keep the key monster at bay.  Actually, this particular plastic was very effective in protecting rotor blades in an earlier life and I can tell you from personal experience that these blades do take a beating!

Important to me was also the promise that these shields would be hardly noticeable because nothing irritates me more than a beautiful screen hidden under an ugly protective layer, such as when you get a brand new device and all the LCD screens are covered with plastic.  It’s the first thing I rip off.

Yet the invisible shield is meant to stay in place and do its magic. Invisibly.

InvisibleShield     InvisibleShieldLet’s start with the Nokia shield.  Putting it on is a cinch.

Simple instructions, with the only question mark where it was suggested to wet both sides of the plastic shields with the included spray bottle.

These shields were made specifically for the various devices but the shield for the Nokia was just a few millimetres short in height and a couple of millimetres in width.  It is not very noticeable but I did contact ShieldZone and they offered me to send a replacement. This is the good thing about having a lifetime guarantee that if ever you need to replace one or if it were damaged for some reason you’ll get a replacement shield no questions asked.  I did not choose to request a replacement because near enough was good enough in this case and was also assured that this should not happen in the other models.

This is what they said: “I’m sorry to hear that your invisibleSHIELD for the Nokia N80 didn’t fit correctly.  I have talked to the designer and he thinks it must have just been a mistake with the cutter or packaging.  He said he used an actually N80 to make the design, so hopefully it doesn’t happen on other models.  If you would like, I would be willing to send you a replacement shield for the N80.  As for the spray bottle, thank you for mentioning it.  I talked to our shipping/packaging department and they are coming up with a new method of packaging. “

The last remark refers to a slight leakage of the spray bottle in one package.

InvisibleShieldFortunately, the shield for the 4700 fitted perfectly and also, more importantly, did not interfere with the touch screen functionality at all.  It does have a bit of a silicone feel to it and handwriting might be slightly less comfortable than on the bare screen but I did not find it too much of a problem and overall, after several weeks of use, found it an excellent product to protect our precious screens.

Pricing depends a bit on the size of the shield but, generally, protection for most small devices can be had for under $20. In fact, most even under 10 bucks. Have a look at and check out if your device is covered. Most likely it is and even if it isn’t, they can do custom orders.