We recently had some extra gear and reached out to a friend for some help! Tim Masters was happy to lend a hand in trying out the new G-Tek Cyborg 700 Wireless Gaming Mouse. Check out his thoughts below!


Okay, so I was lucky enough to be offered a chance to review G-Tek’s new Cyborg 700 Wireless Gaming Mouse. First of all, and let’s get this out of the way, this thing is a proper gaming mouse that retails around $99 AUD. It features a solid hard-plastic build that fits snugly in your anxious, energy-drink addled, gamer-hand and is replete with an array of RGB lighting to make every technicolour streamer sit-up and take notice.

G-Tek Cyborg 700 Wireless Gaming Mouse


How does the G-Tek Cyborg 700 Wireless Gaming Mouse feel?

Out of the box, this mouse just feels solid. This isn’t the cold metal of some other space-age rodents, but the warm polymer/plastic feel of most 2022 smartphones.

The mechanical buttons feel responsive and purposeful. The wheel is metal cased with a grip that makes wheel-scrolling feel tactile and immersive.

In terms of extras, there are also adjustable DPI buttons near the base of the scroll wheel to let you adjust your sensitivity on the fly. Finally, the mouse also features a forward and a back button on the left side where the thumb sits, which naturally can be mapped to your gaming needs. The design feels smooth and ergonomic.


Ease of Set Up

Like most devices in 2022, this is pretty Plug-n-Play.

The mouse comes with a USB receiver; simply plug it into a USB port and you are good to go. This is a great thing. No software, additional drivers or any bloat-wareish control centers. Mouse is a mouse.


How’s the G-Tek Cyborg 700 Wireless Gaming Mouse handle?

This mouse runs smooth like a bourbon barrel-aged by Santana himself.

The high-speed sensor is built for gaming and connects cordlessly over 2.4GHz bandwidth, so expect no lag and a latency of something like less than a millisecond.

I trialled this on a handful of games including Prey (2017) and Total War Warhammer 3 as well as on a handful of office-drone programs such as Word and Excel.

Fine, flawless, accurate.


How’s the flashies?

They are fine, although not my normal point of focus. The multi-coloured breathing effect is similar to other RGB set ups and sits along the base of the mouse. If RGB is to your taste and you want all your devices to taste the rainbow, then this will feel at home. There is an option to turn RGB off at the base of the mouse if (like me) your clubbing days are over.

G-Tek Cyborg 700 Wireless Gaming Mouse 


What else can be said about the G-Tek Cyborg 700 Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Battery life is reportedly about 46 hours which is more or less standard.

There is a micro-USB cable included that doubles as a charger, but also allows the mouse to operate while connected. There is a wireless off switch at the base (next to the no-fun lights off switch).

After some extensive testing, I was grateful to see the G-Tek logo featured on the mouse start to flash, announcing when the mouse is low on charge. A cool and practical feature.


The Specs

G-Tek Cyborg 700 Wireless Gaming MouseSensor Type: PixArt 3335

IPS: 400

Acceleration: 40G

Operating Cycles: 20 million clicks

Latency: 1μs

Battery: 930mAh 3.7V


Who should buy it?

With the PixArt 3335 Pro Gaming Sensor under the hood (an E-sports Industry standard from what I read), this is a mouse built for serious competitive gamers, but a dream for anyone who likes quality accessories for their rig and precision in their mouse work while working wirelessly.

It’s half the price of similar devices in its field, like the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming mouse, and while it doesn’t boast an ultra-lightweight build like the Logitech G Pro, it operates with the same low latency precision. The professional grade high-speed sensor and mechanical switches make this a mouse more than worthy of the moola.


Final thought for the day

Take care of yourselves. And each other.



Many thanks to G-Tek for providing the Cyborg 700 Wireless Gaming Mouse for review. You can find them for $99 at your local JB Hi-Fi as well as other retailers.