Cobra Universal Mini Car Mount Here is a handy little unit for any vehicle, car, boat or a plane: I’m talking about the universal mini Mount made by Cobra. It is only $24.95 which seems over priced for such a tiny thing but the reality is that it is quite a clever little critter in the way it holds your device. It has a sticky surface where you mount it onto the windscreen as well as where you attach your device to.

Initially, I was afraid that the stickiness might have a short life span but such is not the case. If it gets dirty or gritty you can simply rinse it off and it will be totally rejuvenated again! There is also a fair bit of force required to pull your phone off but I have found a way now that makes it easier to pry a device loose.

There is no need to worry that this stickiness transfers to your device and, whilst I have not tested it with all types of surfaces, I’m reasonably confident that most devices would stick to it in a very secure way.

In the past I’ve had trouble with car mounts when bits broke off to hold the device in place or the arm would come off but no such nonsense with this one. This little gadget will also will fit many devices rather than one specific one. Have a look at the website of Cobra  and if you’re in the market for a vehicle mount that is small yet strong (and universal!) give this Cobra a thought.

 Cobra Universal Mini Car Mount