The Twelve South Desk Pad is simply gorgeous. That’s right. You heard me. Its simple and sleek and it feels beautiful.

Minimally and thoughtfully packaged in its own fabric sleeve to prevent dust from settling on the Desk Pad, it is available in two colours – black and dove grey. I chose black for my Desk Pad because I was unsure how much the lighter colour would stain. Crafted from high-quality, vegan leather, it exudes a premium look and feel. The very lightly textured surface adds a touch of sophistication to my desk. The Desk Pad creates a clean, consistent, controlled surface enabling smooth mouse functionality. The minimalist design with subtle embossed branding complements any decor, making it a versatile choice for various office setups.

The look

The TwelveSouth Desk Pad provides ample space for my keyboard, mouse, and other essentials. The extra-wide surface area caters for extended keyboards, and ensures that I have enough room for comfortable navigation and unrestricted movements during work. The thoughtful inclusion of a non-slip bottom ensures the pad stays securely in place, preventing any unwanted sliding. For measurements/specifications to see if the Desk Pad will fit in your workspace, clink on the link at the end of the review.

Functionality and durability

One of the standout features of this desk pad is its functionality. The smooth vegan leather surface not only feels great to the touch but also serves as an excellent writing surface. It effortlessly accommodates my daily tasks, from jotting down quick notes to sketching ideas. The pad also protects my desk from scratches and spills, adding an extra layer of practicality. If your coffee gets spilt on the Desk Pad, it wipes off very easily.

Durability is a key factor when investing in desk accessories, and the TwelveSouth Desk Pad does not disappoint. The high-quality vegan leather not only looks great but also proves resistant to wear and tear over time. The edges are well-stitched, ensuring longevity and maintaining the pad’s shape even with regular use. It feels comfortable under my wrists and forearms when working long hours at the keyboard.

The TwelveSouth Desk Pad is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their workspace. Its combination of sleek design, functionality, and durability makes it a standout choice among desk accessories. If you’re searching for a desk pad that seamlessly blends style and practicality, the TwelveSouth Desk Pad is a top-tier option that earns a solid five-star rating. It is available from Twelve South or Amazon with a RRP of AUD$49.99

With thanks to TwelveSouth for this product to review.